Ani’s Advent 2020! “A Squirrel of my Very Own…” El Duque and Marilyn Armstrong

Squirrels and the Duke

The Small Dog

Dear Santa,

I think she is trying to pull a fast one. I know my ball is getting a bit past it… but, as she ought to realise all too well herself, being old and tatty doesn’t stop you being loved.

So she has no need to try replacing my ball with a new toy… even if it does have a smiley face on it and a wicked squeaker…

I mean, it isn’t even Christmas yet, so if she is trying sneaky stuff now, I have to worry what else she has in mind…

I remember her telling me that when he was getting a bit old for trailing a blue blanket around with him (even though it had gone grey by then), my boy was persuaded to leave the blanket out for the Easter Bunny… who turned it into a budgerigar called Magic…

Don’t go getting any ideas…

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  1. aaawh – but honestly, such a cute doggie has the right to mourn, to re-educate the two-legged ones and I can only wish that any dog I know was happy and satisfied with ONE BALL for so long.

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  2. Ani says thank you to El Duque for coming to play 🙂 xx



  1. Christmas with the Small Dog – The Small Dog
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