With all those Christmas songs floating around out there, I was thinking I could use a hit too.  Just one!  Some composers earned enough off one song to receive a handsome payment every year.

A Hit For Christmas

Where's Christmas?

Where’s Christmas?

I need a hit for Christmas
To turn the season green.
A snappy little holiday tune
Is really what I mean.
If I could just find somewhere
In my memory tonight
A verse, a phrase, some words of joy
To the world I would write.

“What is my theme?” I wonder
As I wander here and there.
Christmas songs make lots of cash
And why should I not share
In monies green and silver
But oh what shall I say?
After all I’m thinking now,
“What’s not been said of Christmas Day?”

I’ll write a Christmas Jingle.
Bells of joy will sound –
A song about Kris Kringle
Or snow upon the ground.
I’ll make a little silver.
Bells of joys will play –
A check, a smile, a royalty
With every Christmas Day.

As each and every memory
Was sailing past tonight,
I had to grab the good ones
And to add the music right.
I’m dreaming of best sellers
That every year will rock
Around the Christmas tree
And down every single block.

We then need the musicians
For piano and for bass.
We’ll add a little drummer.
Boy, we’ll really rock the place.
The perfect words and music?
I ask what do you hear.
What I hear are record deals
If we can sound sincere.

I’ll write a Christmas Jingle.
Bells play all the way.
A tune that you will download –
On CD’s that you will play.
I’ll have a greener season
And know just what to say –
“A check, a smile, a royalty
With every Christmas Day.”

Copyright Richard Paschall

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    One of Rich’s big hits 😀

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    Just one. That is all I need. Be sure to click on “View original post” at the bottom to follow over to SERENDIPITY for the soon to be famous lyrics.


  3. Probably why I don’t have any.

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  4. This is hilarious and, interestingly enough, this song from Mame is a favourite of mine.


  5. Worshipping the way we usually worship: with cash!

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