What I always liked about Christmas has been the brightness, the friendliness. The parties. Light. Gift-giving. Dinner together. Cookies and eggnog and mince pie. I was not born to be part of Christmas, but I married into it twice. The spirit of Christmas is more than a little strained this year. I can practically feel everyone’s anxious yearning to “just feel better.” To stop worrying, even for a few days.

We are exhausted by the politics. Worried by the pandemic. Poor before and even more poor now. Personally, I’m yearning to feel better. Planning — within the limits that anyone can plan “life” these days — for a better world. For all of us!

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  1. For some unexplainable reason, I decided to shut down my worries this Christmas about the pandemic, Trump.,.and just enjoy a good meal and see my mother. I’m feeling alive.


    • We had a nice Christmas. We had a great dinner, too many desserts (had to freeze some since we can’t possibly eat them all) and a stuffed lamb roast that will feed all of us at least three times. My son and I spent all day baking. He made bread, I made light fruitcake. We took our time and it was very peaceful. But then again, our holidays are usually peaceful. We tend to leave our woes behind for the holidays. And this year, we really needed to just enjoy the day. Watched a lot of old Christmas movies, listened to carols. We needed it!

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  2. “The everlasting Light”.
    Merry Christmas …. Happy New year.


  3. Merry Christmas Garry, Marilyn and Duke! May abundance visit you, and that you have all you need in the coming months! This particular year has been really awful, and I’m not alone in feeling relief in watching it wind down and leave. I was doing okay today actually, until I saw the news that some cretin without a soul tried to blow up downtown Nashville. On Christmas morning! This year cannot be gone fast enough. More than ever we have to hold on to whatever ragged hope and goodwill we have, lest those sorts of bastards ‘win’. Not dampening my spirits, damned to them if I’ll let them. Here’s hoping you have a warm fire and a good feast (which of course you’ll share with the critters and birds) and that joy finds you!


    • I’m with you! This is a year the needs to vanish. Next year won’t be easy either, but at least it should be less angry, less full of rage. I am so weary of the constant crises. It isn’t going to get instantly easier, but we live in hope. Maybe, if not much better, at least calmer and a bit more peaceful.


  4. Merry Christmas Marilyn and Garry. May your hearts be gladdened by the love that surrounds you.


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