We didn’t do presents this year. As it turned out, I didn’t do presents, but Garry and Owen did. Months ago, I bought three new unstuffed stuffies for the Duke. He got a new fox, an opossum, and something that I think might be a skunk, but it’s hard to tell. But I didn’t buy any gifts for Owen or Garry because that was the deal we made.

And yet — I got presents. I felt uncomfortable getting gifts when I wasn’t giving any — except to El Duque —  but I also loved it. Owen bought me lottery tickets and one of them was a (gasp) $30 winner. Garry got me warm sock-slippers, a couple of pairs of high woolen socks, plus a warm hat and matching gloves. So if I ever leave the house during the winter, I’m ready to go. If quarantine has done one thing for me, it has made me fall deeply in love with socks.

It’s really COLD out here! Where are those seeds?

We give each other gifts all year round. We don’t need a holiday. If Garry wants new jeans, I find him what he wants. Owen and I swap gifts. But I shop entirely online, so the kind of casual shopping they did for me, I could not do for them. Oh well. Springtime is everyone’s birthday. I’m March, Garry’s April, and Owen is May. I hope I can catch up by then, assuming we ever have any money.

When Trump said he wanted each of us to get $2000, I said “GO TRUMP!” That would have actually been enough money to solve some problems. Of course, i didn’t believe it would happen, but I didn’t care who sent the money. We just need a few thousand dollars and those $600 checks are about a third of what we need to get life back on track. Oh well. It was a great few hours of dreaming I could pay the bills. Dream on.

As this pandemic drags on, it’s hard to imagine I will ever go anywhere. Ever. It’s going to be months before we get vaccinated. Garry is way ahead of me and might get a vaccine as early as February. I may not get one until May or June of 2021, assuming we actually get enough vaccine. I talked with my doctor — actually, we emailed each other — and he said they haven’t even finished vaccinating medical personnel, much less taking care of the rest of us. When they start giving us vaccination, Garry gets to go first because he has passed 78, but I don’t get into the queue until months later since I’m merely 73. Does that seem kind of strange?

It’s Christmas, so I got to talk to a lot of people I haven’t spoken to since last Christmas. All the Republicans are a lot less Republican than they were a year ago, at least as far as COVID goes. No one thinks it’s a hoax, at least no one I spoke to. They may feel that some of the sanctions were excessive or useless, but no one thinks the disease is fake. Even I think some of the regulations are a bit bizarre and unfairly administered. I worry that kids are losing more than a year of education. I don’t even know why they are allowing kids to be “promoted” into the next grade when they haven’t learned anything since last March. Some of the kids don’t even have computers. They should have at least held back the year  — nationally — so none of these youngsters will find themselves graduating with a year or more of studies missing.

One person I spoke to was worried about whether or not they had really properly developed the new vaccines. I pointed out that we never know whether the drugs we get will be recalled five or ten years later. A whole bunch of drugs I took have been taken off the market. We never know if the stuff we take is actually killing us. I took Vioxx for years. After it was recalled, I wondered what it had done to me. When I had to have massive heart surgery, I thought: “Hmm. I guess it really WAS bad for me after all.” At the time I took it, even though there were rumors from early on that Vioxx caused heart problems, I was just grateful for pain relief, so I didn’t care.

I should have cared.

At a certain point, we have to accept as “true” what our medical people tell us. Sometimes, they are wrong or misinformed. Sometimes the testing was inadequate or incorrectly done. We have no way to know. I think our medical people try their best to do their best, but they are human and they — like me — have to accept what their authorities tell them.

Square double-smudge normal medications

It has been a rough year, something we have all said at one time or another. A lot of people are hoping we go back to the way things were. Rewind our world clock and make life like it was. I don’t think it will ever be like it was.

The world has changed. Our nation, all nations, have changed. We have been frightened by our leaders, terrified by a plague. I don’t think anyone is a climate  change denier anymore. I do think that a lot of corporations feel they should be allowed to suck the last drop of oil or gas from the earth because that’s how they make money. Developers feel that any unspoiled piece of land is ripe for building something, anything. No matter how much damage it’s doing.

Making money is the true god of corporate international. Even though they are making scads of money, oodles of dollars, yen, marks, bitcoins, or whatever, it’s never enough. It will never be enough. We need to stand up and decide to save our planet. Don’t you worry your (or other’s) grandchildren will be living in a world we thought could only exist in a sci fi novel?

The world will never be the world we knew. That world made us feel secure and safe even though it wasn’t secure and safe. We figured somehow, everything would be alright. Now, I don’t know what will happen. I suppose we’ll do the best we can and hope it’s enough.

Overall, the Duke did well for his Christmas. He’s a happy camper. It’s good at least one of us is full of joy at being alive. He’s not worried about anything. That must be why we love our dogs. They live in the now and it’s a happy place. They are thrilled by every little thing. Just being allowed to sleep on the bed, play tug-of-war, or fetch the ball. That seems a good way to be although I wonder if tug-of-war using my teeth would really do it for me.

I think I think too much.

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  1. Don’t pull ropes with your teeth. No need to give your dentist extra support. Be well, and may this new year be a little easier on us all.


    • My teeth are in poor condition, so tugging might save me the price of an extraction. All those drugs I got for cancer and then for the heart stuff — not to mention for the spine — have not done anything great for my teeth. Besides, Duke is so much stronger than me. He tugs on a toy and my shoulder tries to come out of its socket!


  2. What??? No photos of the new socks????


    • I’ll take pictures tomorrow. There are a couple of pictures i need to take inside, but this time of year, it gets dark so early, if i don’t remember early in the day, it’s already too late by 4 in the afternoon. I’m looking forward to LONGER days!


  3. One of my siblings and I had our ‘Christmas visit’ on Christmas Eve. I knew I wouldn’t see him or his family on Christmas Day, as their normal day gets started somewhere around 1:30 p.m. and they eat at 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. at night and so on, and that’s just too late for me now. Oddly we agreed that, as you stated, the world isn’t the one we were born into, nor were raised to expect. We were sheltered, coddled and blind to the harsh realities that have now been thrust upon us. When I was young I used to pray (fervently) that I wouldn’t live to see such times, because the Mormons have been predicting this kind of thing for a long, long time. The thinking is that the end of the world is coming. I say it’s come. This isn’t MY world. I don’t like being here, and I’m kinda furious that I’m being asked to stay. (well from my belief system anyway). I hear that T-dump is insisting on the $2,000 check; and has rejected the $600 one. Either way, how will America pay for it? We’re broke and our buns belong to a foreign country now, take your pick of which one. I’m disheartened and frightened and wish I was 78. I’d be long gone I think. My vaccine ‘time’ is the same as yours, and given that I’m twelve years your junior, yes, that is weird. Don’t lump people based on demographics is what I would say if asked by those handing that stuff out. The front liners and the people in care homes do deserve first dip in the pool; but there are reports of unscrupulous politicians shoving their way to the front because they ‘want to set an example’. What hogwash! It’s a mess, but that orange moron didn’t do less than he promised on that front, in my opinion. We got what we deserved, because the ‘majority’ spoke out and elected him. These are sad sorry days. Yay for the dogs!! The birds. The squirrels, chipmunks and other critters! Yay for great photographers!


    • I know that I didn’t vote for this mess, but on the other hand, I just hummed along, assuming that somehow, it would all work out. I don’t think I ever really considered what was going to happen if it DIDN’T work out and what might become of us. All of us.

      And here we are. Garry pointed out that it’s Christmas every day for the birds and squirrels. As long as they get fed during the bad winter months, they are fine. I wish we could say the same.


  4. That’s a good summation Marilyn. Maybe if we take life more on the terms that El Duke does, it would be less stressful.


  5. I’m with you every step of the way. Every sentence. Every paragraph. Every sentiment. You say what I would say if I had the energy to write. But, alas! Thank you, Marilyn. Love and peace enfold you and Garry, Gordon


    • That was truly a ramble. Not a rant. I wasn’t angry. I was just seeing, really, possibly for the first time that our lives are not going back to “the old days.” They weren’t real, but by ignoring everything else, we acted as if they were real. Now, I suppose it’s hard to pretend. I have no idea where we go from here.

      That hardest thing for me to accept is that regardless of who I voted for or didn’t vote for, we — collectively — didn’t care enough to deal with what was happening. And now, I don’t even know if we can.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Marilyn, I, too, wonder whether we can. Somehow I was mistaken for a “one of my (i.e. DJT’) BEST supporters! The emails keep coming. It’s astonishing that anyone would believe that “tonight my team will bring me the list. I hope to see YOUR name on the list.”

        What has been happening is the growth of stupidity.


        • It’s a very worrisome set of thoughts. I’m worried that they aren’t going to get us vaccinated anytime in this lifespan. That we’ve melted so much ice, regardless of WHAT we do, the climate is going to dramatically change. I wonder what sort of world we are leaving for our grandchildren — and their children.

          Have you tried unsubscribing? Sometimes, it at least slows them down for a while. They never really stop, but sometimes I can unsubscribe to enough stuff to catch a breather.

          There’s an awful lot to worry about. SO much that I’m not sure there’s any point in worrying. We are all getting old. Garry’s heading for 79 and I’m right behind him. These days when someone hasn’t hit 70 yet, I think they are YOUNG.

          I’m hoping that Biden gets a chance to do something, that the GOP doesn’t feel obliged to hold him hostage — and hold the whole country hostage too. But who knows? We hope for the best, but I’ll settle for even minimal progress. A vaccine would be a good start. I’d really like to go out and not worry that my next breath is going to be the beginning of the end. Wouldn’t we all!


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