CBWC: Fences and Gates

Fences and gates in black & white. It’s a very black & white day, here anyway. Grey skies and the naked trees dark across the pale sky. It’s too warm to snow, so it has been relentless rain and wind. The good news? It washed away all the ice and clean a million hulls from birdseed off the deck. The bad news? Just in time for Christmas, it warmed up. It will chill down again in a day or two. Just in time for the great sliding marathon of New Year’s drunks. If you’re a drinker, consider doing your drinking at home this year! We’ve had enough misery for one year, don’t you think?

Fencing in the cows

Cee's Black-White


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  1. I really like your last photo out of your great collection of fences 😀

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