It’s funny how we all develop favorite birds. Owen loves the Tufted Titmouses — or as some say, Titmice. Take your pick. Owen likes their little pointy crest — and they have such cute faces. They are friendly birds. I’m particularly fond of all the woodpeckers. I love watching them working over a tree, digging under the bark to see what might be living there.

Garry enjoys the Blue Jays , and everyone loves the finches, Juncos, Chickadees, and the Nuthatches and all our other feathery pals.

A pair of House Finches. The red head is the male.

A Cardinal ( female, orange version) and a couple of Juncos

Tufted Titmouse

Blue Jay

More Goldfinches

Goldfinches visit in flocks

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

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  1. I find it very hard to choose a favorite. I like each for different reasons, color, crests, size. Your captures are wonderful- and the Goldfinches- wow!


    • We seem to collect finches, both Red House Finches and Goldfinches. I’d say it was our food, but we had a lot of them when I first put the food out, so I think they just like our woods. I love the woodpeckers. I love their colors and also, they are big and easy to photograph. Once they get into feeding, they don’t leave in a hurry, which is great for me, the photographer. And they are so pretty and very photogenic with their white and black bars and the red patch on their heads.

      I always fall in love with the Goldfinches in the summer. When they turn that brilliant yellow, they are just so adorable. And the babies, when they first hatch. Is there anything cuter?

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  2. Awesome! So many lovely birds! We get a lot of sparrows where I live, and I love them!


    • We get some sparrows, but not a lot. I think sparrows like more open territory and our woods if very close without a lot of flying room. They seem to gather on wires along streets more than in the woods. Still, we do get a few and in the winter, hunger bring them all.


  3. The woodpecker has to be my favorite..


    • I love how busy they are — and how TOUGH, too. I think at the feeder, we have three who come regularly: Downy, Hairy, and Red Belly. We also have the big one, but they don’t come to the feeder, though we sometimes see them digging bugs out of trees.


      • Wish I could see more birds. I finally threw away my bird feeder. It was infested by ants but no bird ever fed at it.. Boo hoo.


      • Two usually wake me up every morning. Haven’t heard them lately.


        • I still say you weren’t feeding them food they liked. Check online and see if they can tell you what birds in you specific area usually eat. Also, you need to hang the feeders to keep bugs out — unless the birds really LIKE bugs — and some really LOVE bugs. Especially woodpeckers, nuthatches — the birds with long beaks and an enthusiasm for digging out bugs from bark.

          Also, because it’s never hard winter where you live, they may simply be getting what they need from the plants you grow. We’re having a bumper year because we had a long drought and didn’t get a lot of seeds. Not as much as normally, so the birds are more dependent on feeders. In times of natural disaster, birds are suddenly VERY interested in feeders.

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          • I bought seed that they said finches liked, plus sunflower seeds. They shunned it all. The orioles liked the hummingbird feeder, however. Actually, I like seeing them just feed on what is naturally there..And I threw the seed birdfeeder away as it was clotted together and full of small ants.


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