FOTD – December 27 – Christmas-Blooming Fuchsia

Owen decided it would be a pity to let the fuchsia die as the seasons advanced. I’d never been able to get a fuchsia to survive the winter in the house, but he thought maybe he could do it. He moved it inside to a window that gets the same light as my window upstairs. It’s not having a fully summertime bloom, but it managed to bring forth a flower. Most of the broken branches have grown back and are full of leaves. I took pictures of our winter-blooming fuchsia blossom. It may be the only one you ever see.


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10 replies

  1. Gorgeous!


  2. Wow! Cool! Pretty, too! 😀 xoxo


  3. What a wonderful Xmas present.. along with the socks, of course.


    • I finally have warm feet. My feet have been cold since I was a child growing up in an old house with a converted coal furnace. In all those years, we never got a updated furnace.

      I think the first modern furnace we’ve ever had is the one we have now. If only we could afford to turn the thermostat up. But at least I have warm feet!


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