FOTD – December 30 – Daffodils

Right now, thinking about spring is a happy thought. I’m not in the best of all possible mental frameworks. The odds of my getting a vaccination anytime soon are almost nil. Massachusetts doesn’t have any sensible plant for distributing vaccines and the way they have it set up, it could be next summer before I get into a queue. It’s depressing to think about and I’m trying not to think about it. And not succeeding. So thanks to Cee, I’m thinking “daffodils,” those sweet yellow flowers that sing of springtime and warmer breezes.

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11 replies

  1. Wow!
    These daffodils are certainly wonderful 🙂


  2. Such uplifting, bright and beautiful daffodils. THanks Marilyn. 😀


  3. Daffodils are a very good thought. Flood the mind with plant-gold.


  4. Spring still seems to be a long way off, but we can dream of daffodils, can’t we?


  5. They are beautifull. In South Africa they only grow in gardens,


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