FOTD – January 2 – Fuchsia

I was following along with Cee, mirroring whatever flower she was showing with something similar. But alas, I have never grown a dahlia and probably never will. My garden and I are just not getting along that well anymore. I really wish I had tried while I could, but I made a deal with my spine to stop all that bending and stooping. So instead, I grow indoor plants and things that hang from poles. Owen says he will put up another post or two next spring and I’ll have room to grow fuchsias again.


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  1. Beautiful images.., did you use the EM1 II? If so, what lens?


    • These were taken over a bunch of years. About the only thing I’m reasonably sure of is that they were Olympus cameras and probably a variety of Pens from the 3 onward. I think that is about 5 years of Fuchsia.


  2. They’re beautiful! I’m also hoping to try fuchsias again this year!


    • Last year, the birds destroyed the fuchsia. They kept nesting in it and broke all the branches. Owen will have to build me a separate post for flowers. We did salvage the fuchsia and it lives and is flowering in Owen’s window downstairs. We got a mid-winter bloom which I didn’t think was possible.


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