From Becky: “I love receiving comments as well as a pingbacks on my square posts, and it would be fantastic if you were able to find a few minutes to visit at least one other squarer. Together, with the tag SquareUp, we can support each other and be upbeat about 2021.”

Out of a big batch of many similar shots, this one picture really surprised me. Note that wing action on the incoming Chickadee!

I will have to try and take some non-bird pictures. This is harder than you might think since our deck has gone from having a feeder with birds to a deck totally dedicated to birds, bird food, photographing birds, not to mention a small army of red and gray squirrels and big and miniature chipmunks. No room for humans or dogs anymore. All birds all the time.

On the other hand, having dedicated a piece of our house to birds, birding,  and woodland creatures, how awful would this quarantine have been without these wild creatures. They went from being my personal obsession to being an obsession for all of us. I can’t begin to imagine how dreary this long period of at-homeness would have been without bright feathers and fat squirrels to entertain us.

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  1. What a fabulous shot.


    • It’s such a crap shoot. You shoot as fast as you can and hope that one of those shots will be in focus and you’ll see the remarkable things those little birds do with their wings. We just see flapping when we look with our eyes, but they do amazing stuff — especially the small birds. I think that was a Chickadee putting on the brakes. It’s a good guess, considering he was about to bang into the feeder.

      They DO bang into the feeders, too. They sometimes get it wrong and clunk, As long as they don’t hit too hard, they get back up and do it again.

      I wish I could plan these shots, but it’s impossible. You hope you can get them, but sometimes, the magic eludes me. That one, though, was special. One little Chickadee, brakes on full 😀

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      • Well, planning or not, you’ve captured some great shots at the feeder over the past weeks.


        • I have learned that with wildlife, you can’t plan. The best you can do is have your camera ready and hopefully the right lens … and just keep shooting and hope one or more of the pictures comes out. It’s not like shooting a building or a mountain. The woodland creatures don’t wait while you frame and aim 😀 It’s a whole new way of shooting for me and I’m still not good at it. But at least I know to stop thinking and PRESS THE SHUDDER!

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  2. This one has a wonderful dreamlike quality balanced with clear focus. A fine shot. Happy New Year to you and G. and your feathered friends.


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