It’s a new year and yet it feels just like the old one. Maybe it will feel newer when the declining Orange Menace slinks from office. Or maybe I’ll have to wait until sometimes next summer when in theory, I can get a vaccination and maybe (gasp) leave home. Wouldn’t that be nice?


What’s a relationship deal breaker for you?

At my age? Death.

Do you believe in extra-terrestrials?

I’m sure there are some, but none of them have been in touch. You’d think they’d at least send a postcard. When you’ve been out of touch for several thousand years, the least you can do is send a text, an email, or a postcard. Even an ecard. Sheesh.

In the morning, do you hit the snooze button on your alarm (sometimes repeatedly) or do you leap out of bed, ready to face the day?

In the morning, I ask the world why I have to get up? Then I ask Alexa “Hey, Alexa, what’s happening?” and she runs down the news of the day including the weather today and tomorrow. Then I go the the bathroom which was probably why I woke up in the first place and peek out the window to see if Alexa is telling me the truth. Then, while I’m in the bathroom, the phone rings. It’s always a recorded message and probably a scam, but I hurry to the phone, realize it’s one of those numbers that starts with a “v” which means it’s automated and go back to the bathroom, but now I’m awake anyway. Damn. I just wanted to sleep late, just once.

I go back to see how many birds are on the deck. It’s like we have the best bird bistro in Massachusetts. I see there are Blue Jays and Cardinals and Goldfinch and Nuthatches. Oh, and there’s a Titmouse and a few Chickadees and two squirrels in the flat feeder. And big web-footed doves all over the ground. And I need to go and feed all the kids. The Duke thinks that was a really good idea and follows me because he’s sure he’ll get SOMETHING for his efforts.

What was the question? Snooze button? What’s that?

If you came back in the next life as an animal, which animal would you choose to be?  

I want to be one of MY dogs.


We are alive. I tried to talk to my doctor’s office today, but he told me that everyone has COVID and it’s Monday and they are all SICK and on the PHONE. So I’m not sick, not dead ,or (to the best of my knowledge) dying. Overall, I should be grateful. I’m just grumpy about it. The birds love me. I go out to feed the birdies and the Chickadees don’t even fly away. They know I’m a feeder, not a killer.

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  1. Thanks, Marilyn for a cheery Share Your World, with great photos and thoughts! I’m hopeful (for you) that the vaccine is available to you sooner than they predict, but at least they’re offering it! I’ve heard that in England some folks are being told it might be up to two years before it’s available to them. It’s a brave new year, let’s hope it lives up to our hopes! Good on you too for being resolutely cheerful! It’s contagious you know! You might start a trend! 😉


  2. Your relationship deal breaker is so final….chuckle…


    • Yes, it really is. We may squabble — especially since this business of being permanently locked in the house, hip to hip, is beginning to make us both a little nutty. But squabbling is nothing. Other than death, I can’t think of any reason to do anything other than try to hang on to sanity while our so-called government (in this case, LOCAL government) gets its act together.

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  3. Yes, you should definitely come back as one of your dogs if you can find a time machine to send you back to when you were alive previously. Would that be a paradox?


  4. I enjoyed reading your answers Marilyn.


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