Fandango’s Provocative Question #103: The Green Emotion

Jealousy is an ugly emotion and I doubt it can possibly function in a positive way. An emotion that mean is never going to produce positive results. When you see someone who is “doing better” than you, you can feel admiration or envy. Admiration may help you decide to do something to become like the people you admire. You are impressed and admire someone. You want to be like them. But when you are jealous, deep in the thrall of envy, you hate them. You want what they have and will bring them down — at any cost. Anything based on hate will never yield a positive result.

Jealousy is nasty and ugly. There’s nothing good about it, nothing positive.

Right now, I’m actually watching Trump’s attempt at a coup in the capital. Talk about jealousy and malignant narcissism at work. Is there anything positive about this? Is there a single good thing anyone could draw from this nightmare?

Of all of the nightmares I imagined, this is by far the ugliest thing I have seen. Will we ever get our country back?

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  1. The pessimists say No. America (as we knew it) is dead. No hope, no magical wish to heal our broken country, no nothing. I’m so upset by that horror that I seriously don’t know what to do. Just like 9/11 (and it’s the same thing, only the terrorists are wearing OUR skins) I doubt personally that I’ll ever look at government the same way ever again. There is some serious work to be done to ensure such madness never breaches our most hallowed halls again; but are we even up to the task? That question will keep me awake for many nights to come.


    • My worry is that this isn’t really about you or me. It’s about our grandchildren — and maybe their children. Are THEY up to it? There’s so much to be done. Yesterday was bad. Awful. But beyond the threat of mob-rule, there is also so much work to be done. We have to — collectively and not just in this country, but world round — change how we view the earth and our relationship with it.

      Can we? Given the deeply uneducated masses with whom we share our space? Jasper Fforde, an English writer of humor who now writes a lot more thoughtfully than he used to (less funny, more concept) had one series in which God, having been essentially “dared” to show himself, decided to start blasting areas. On a set schedule. He’d warn appropriate ministries where he’d be sending his thunder so we could all get out of the way. He was making a point. Oddly enough, no one took much notice of it anyway. It was very funny and also, NOT so funny. You might like the books. That was his “Thursday Next” series. The newer books are not part of a series. This is his website, though I notice it isn’t up-to-date and doesn’t include his last book (also a single), “Constant Rabbit.”



  2. That’s my question, Will we ever be a nation that can operate with hate being used to “buy” votes and loyalty? Seeing the people in the Capitol building yesterday made me wonder if there are enough people who can love despite race to save us as a country from a disaster. But, then maybe, like all empires, this one will fail, too, all because of greed, hate, and the idea that if one person gains, another loses. I am disheartened today, but my hope is in Jesus, so I am still believing that it will get better, someday!


    • Lacking a specific individual in whom to have hope, I hope that intelligence returns to our species. That SOMEWHERE along our path, we veer off from our apparent goal of self-destruction and realize in the course of human events, we’ve worked hard at learning. Science, language, the ability to understand complex issues — these are god’s gifts to us. That is what the tree of knowledge offered.

      We ate the apple. Maybe we need some more apples. Or was it a tomato? They keep retranslating biblical text. I’m never sure what the current translation says. I doubt it was either an apple as we know it OR a tomato but some very special fruit. We all need another helping of whatever it was.

      Keep your faith. Whatever we believe, we need it personally and for all the people with whom we come in contact. Hope regenerates. I have periods when all seems lost, but somehow, I rise and find something good coming out of the ashes. If nothing else, ashes are a wonderful fertilizer. It may be the remainder of something that blazed and died, but useless it is NOT.

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