It was a hard day in the U.S. We woke up to the joy of having won both senate seats in Georgia, went to watch the goings on in the Senate. That was when the terrorists decided to take over Washington D.C., our capitol city.

Not that “the coup” was unexpected. Actually, given the past four years, it was virtually inevitable, but it was so much worse than I expected. I thought without the military, he couldn’t pull it off. Never did I imagine he would incite a mob to try to take over Washington D.C.

US Capitol building

The U.S. Capitol building has been left in peace since 1814, which was when the British burned it down at the end of the War of 1812. Today, Americans attacked it because we have had four years of a president who is an insane, malicious narcissist and has spent his entire term lying about pretty much everything.

When the rioting broke out, I suppose I should have been angry but instead, I was sad — to the point of tears. That this country in which I was born and where I have lived most of my life should come to this was a nightmare of epic proportions for me, Garry, and Owen. Fortunately, the dog slept peacefully. It’s good to be a dog.

In the middle of all of this hysteria, WordPress decided that my classic editor isn’t going to work anymore. I couldn’t get the classic version back because they’ve changed Tampermonkey which is how I managed to insert the classic editor previously and I didn’t have the heart to try very hard. Somehow, my issues with WordPress didn’t seem nearly as important as they usually do.

I had been warned that Trump would never leave without violence. I agreed with this years ago, so it wasn’t that I didn’t believe it. I did believe it, but I figured at this point, after the Orange Menace has already lost more than 59 of 60 lawsuits — including two with the Supreme court — even this madman would realize it was over and give up.

What was I thinking?

I think that’s the secret of the truly mad. They don’t give up. There is no line they won’t cross. There is nothing that will make them feel shame or embarrassment. They have no honor, no principles, no respect for anyone or anything.

This man who squats in the White House has so lost his honor that he does not deserve a title, even with a small “p.” He cares nothing for how appalling our image around the world is and much worse it will be from this day on. This person cares only for himself and works for his own agenda. He does not care what anyone says or feels, nor does he take advice. The only thing he will accept is total obsequious agreement without exception.

I read a comment on Twitter this morning. A woman (I wish I remembered her name, but this day is a bit of a blur) said “Anyone who has ended a relationship with a malicious narcissist knows how the next two weeks are going to go.” I laughed when I read it, but I’m not laughing now.

Why this person is still in office I don’t understand. Is this not sufficient evidence to prove he is a menace to the nation and quite possibly anyone who might get in his way? At what point are his actions officially treasonous and seditious? Is he secretly killing people behind the White House? Or having them murdered? Burying them under what used to be the rose garden? I wouldn’t put it past him.

White House

I feel so sad for America, so humiliated in the face of the world. Our allies are in mourning while our enemies laugh. Maybe some are doing both. Moreover, there will be a lot of questions about the failure of the police and National Guard to protect the capitol. Big questions. Were the police “warned off”?

One of our senators said this shortly before Trump’s Terrorists tried to destroy our democracy. That many groups in this country have suffered significantly worse oppression (and some still do), but they have all fought for better treatment. They did not try to tear the country down. Maybe it was several senators who said similar things. I don’t remember.

Shame on every Republican who failed to stand up and say “No!” Shame on all of Trump’s Spineless Toadies. The entire Republican Party stands naked in front of the world while our country hangs her head in despair and humiliation.

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  1. I’m losing hope. they have lost reason!


  2. I get what you were saying about your dogs while your emotions were all over the place.
    When I read or see something disturbing (practically every freaking day now) that’s taking place because of Dump, I always hug the dog nearest to me and say, “be glad you’re a pup so you don’t have to deal with this shit. And sorry mom’s gonna be a bit sad for a little while.” Usually makes ’em gimme a pup kiss when I do that and I end up in the middle of a cuddle sandwich.

    I think we all learned what happens when you tell this big baby “no” and mean it.


    • You know, I knew something like this was coming. What I didn’t foresee was how cooperative the police would be. Okay, not ALL of them were they same, but I didn’t see a single rioter tossed to the ground and handcuffed or marched off to the clink.

      I don’t know what we’d do without the Duke. He’s so warm, so friendly, and so completely untroubled by the news.

      Mind you, only have one dog seems so strange. When quarantine started, we had three dogs. Two died during the first two months of quarantine and only the Duke remains. That he is also among the sweetest natured pups I’ve ever known really helps. Bless his heart as he snores next to me on the sofa 💕


  3. And we have to worry about what he does with all of the top secret things he knows about.
    If the Russians call one of his loans, maybe he’ll give them the launch codes.
    That is if they didn’t steal them from their latest hack of the DoD.


    • We are worried, but we have also gotten the assurances of the various military that he would never be allowed to used those launch codes. That doesn’t mean he can’t start a nice little war somewhere. He still has a lot of power. He is a very dangerous man. These final 13 days could be genuinely terrifying and not only in DC. Mobs can attack NY, Boston, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, or Phoenix — or any other large city they view at attackable.

      We need to get Trump OUT of office and fast. If we don’t, the odds that this will recur are better than even.

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  4. You know my “like” is for your writing, and in solidarity. His might be extreme narcissism, but it’s not unique. We can see self-obsession and disregard for others and the community in a myriad of actions — small and large — every day.


    • We the people around the world really really need to start making intelligent choices of who we want to run our countries. There are a lot of evil, dangerous men gaining power in a lot of places. It’s so much like the 1930s and we all know how that ended. Funny. There’s a long short story by Jodi Taylor about this almost identical thing happening in England (she’s an English author), except it becomes an actual civil war for a brief period.

      Something is terribly wrong and somehow, we’ve allowed it to sneak through all the gates and barriers and traditions and constitutions and courts. I know I didn’t vote for any of them, but a lot of other people obviously did. I have no idea how to fix it unless we can discover a vaccination for truth!


  5. This is the train wreck you always suspected was gonna happen, but you can still not look away. And he still will not concede. Please let’s lock him up as soon as one foot hits the ground outside the WH on January 20.


  6. Having watched the news unfold here, I cannot ‘like’ this post either, Marilyn, but it must be heartbreaking for most Americans to see these scenes.


    • It’s demoralizing. Never, ever did I imagine such a scene. The cynicism of the politicians who encouraged it, seemed the WANT this disaster … I don’t understand why anyone would want this. There’s no logic to it. And the thing is, that although there is a base of delusional people who actually believe this crap, most people — like about 60 or 70% of the population are disgusted by it and that is WHY Trump lost. They have wrapped themselves in their own doom, but unfortunately many of us will go down with their ship. I’m SO glad I don’t live down there. We have a nice 700 miles between us and Washington DC.

      It was a depressing, humiliating day. Also, I’m not sure it’s over. The moron has two more weeks to make trouble and he has the nuclear codes.


      • It was awful to watch any part of it from here… a real attack on the democratic process. You do not have to agree with what the majority decides, but you have to agree to respect that decision.


  7. Just when you think he can’t possibly get any worse, he does.


  8. Don’t want to “like” because it is all true. 😦


    • I didn’t like it either. I still don’t like it AND I’m not convinced it’s over. There’s still plenty of time to bring the mobs back again.


      • I think a private, indoor inauguration ceremony would be a very good idea.


        • Except I think our leaders have a strong will to not be seen hiding from the mob. If they do that, then they really ARE ceding reality to them. That’s how both Greece and Rome collapsed. It wasn’t armies or invasions. Mobs did it. Just like yesterday. Organized nations don’t try to utterly destroy other countries. They want that country, preferably as much intact as possible. The mobs though are set on destruction and that’s the beginning and end of it. They don’t see a future. They don’t see rebuilding, fixing, changing. They want destruction. They don’t even know how they will live through the results of their own actions. When they say “unthinking mobs,” the “unthinking” is the main concept. That is what most worries me.

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  9. Hopefully the damage done by Trump can be repaired, although it will be a slow process. On the upside, he’s going; over hear we are still stuck with the leadership of Johnson, someone nearly as dangerous as Trump, & interested only in lining his own pockets. Living in Scotland at the moment is a definite bonus 😃

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    • I’m so glad we live far from DC! Yes, he’s leaving, but none too soon. Sometimes, I feel like the world is rerunning the last flu epidemic from 1918 followed by the thirties when normally sane countries went wild for autocrats, demagogues, and dictators. It’s as if no one remembers anything. Maybe they never learned anything in the first place.


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