Any number of you wondered when the whitewashing of yesterday’s mob insurrection in Washington D.C. would begin. If you haven’t already heard about it, let me be the first to inform you that the night was not over yet when the whitewash began. Faux News announced that they had proof — PROOF! — it was Antifa.

That’s right. The liberals, pretending to be Trump-Oh-Mobsters, attacked the capitol and replaced the American flag with the Trump flag. Why, you might ask, would someone other than a  Trump-Oh-Mobster do such a disgusting, unpatriotic thing?

Who is the richest bird in the flock and does he get all the good seeds?

Because the big time moguls and insanely rich conglomerates as well as the personally wealthy and powerful planned the whole thing. They pretended to be Trump-Oh-Mobsters on social media using fake pseudo-redneck names to show they were really Trump-Oh-Mobsters. It would seem if you don’t agree with the delusionary Trump, you must be a billionaire and Black and Jewish. That’s right. It’s all part of the giant plot to encourage the super-rich to take over the earth, leaving the rest of us with nothing. No food, no heat, no homes. Nada. Or, as we say in Hebrew, Shum devar! Presumably these monstrously rich people will have to run the world alone having eliminated all the menials (us) who used to do all the hard work. Being rich could turn out to be a tough gig.

I didn’t think billionaires and trillionaires really need our encouragement. They seem to have the world well in hand.

The rich already own the world and have for many years. That’s why the earth is such a mess. However, given what I saw yesterday, if those terrorists are the alternative to the rich running the earth? We other humans who are not super rich or one of the idiotically downtrodden Trump-Oh-Mobsters don’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell.

Yesterday’s Trump-Oh-Mobsters didn’t look like the kind of people who would improve our world. At least among the super-duper rich, many are significant benefactors to a wide variety of good causes. They give away scads of money to help where they can. Whereas yesterday’s Trump-Oh-Mobsters? I’m pretty sure if you gave them all the money on earth, they’d spend it on ammunition and automatic weapons. They wouldn’t be funding any good causes and if they didn’t have the constraints of law, they’d be the next mass shooters. For fun. Death to all the Jews, people of color  and anyone who isn’t a standard-issue Christian on their official “good white people” list. I’m pretty sure Garry and I would be deader than any doornail in this house.

Just a quick (and final) question I’ve always wanted to ask. Why is a doornail deader than any other inanimate object? What have I missed?

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  1. Freedom of Speech also (unfortunately) means Freedom to Lie.

    Under ordinary circumstances this causes little harm and we get by it.
    BUT when certain Mass Media outlets discover that they can make money by telling the BIG LIE and they discover a huge audience that will buy it throw money at them for it, then you suddenly have a huge problem because they don’t care what impact is has – the power to divide and destroy a Country.
    Because of this we are placed in a position whereby such Media must be challenged. They must be forced to PROVE that their lies are Truth. And if they can’t them must be banned as such Lies are not in the best interest of the Country. All this (again unfortunately) will involve the Courts and require much time. While in the meantime they continue with such unsubstantiated and dangerous completely unproven Lies such as the Election was “rigged” and “fraudulent”. A sad state off affairs indeed since damage cannot be undone quickly.

    Meanwhile, comes the Large Question: Why are such a large mass of people in the Country to willing to ‘drink the kool aide’? And how do we appease these people?


    • I totally agree and so does Garry. Faux News is the worst — but not only — offender.Everyone needs a lesson in checking facts, making sure that what they think is true really IS truel. Unfortunately, a lot of bad court decisions have made this close to impossible. As soon as “news” became “entertainment,” all bets were off. Garry is VERY glad he isn’t working anymore.


  2. Oh there are lots of answers to that question – I just had a bit of fun googling the phrase –

    “From Middle English ded as dore-nail.
    One of the earliest usages in English is in William Langland’s poem Piers Plowman A. i. 161 “Fey withouten fait is febelore þen nouȝt, And ded as a dore-nayl”, though it is unlikely this is Langland’s invention. It also appears in the English William of Palerne “For but ich haue bote of mi bale‥I am ded as dore-nail” and in the alliterative debate poem Parliament of the Three Ages “Dede als a dore-nayle doune was he fallen” Both of these texts are of uncertain date, and may predate Langland’s usage.

    One plausible explanation is that doors were built using only wood boards and hand-forged nails: the nails were long enough to dead nail the (vertical) wooden panels and (horizontal) stretcher boards securely together, so they would not easily pull apart. This was done by pounding the protruding point of the nail over and down into the wood. A nail that was bent in this fashion (and thus not easily pulled out) was said to be “dead”, thus dead as a doornail.


    • Wow, what a GREAT answer. I should pose all my weird English-language questions. I have a LOT of these questions. I’m delighted that you found so much information and from such old sources. I love that early English stuff. I used to be able to recite long passages from Beowulf in middle English. I think it was the only thing I really learned in English 101. Everything else was stuff I already knew, but middle English was new and loved the rhythm of it. Thank you again!

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  3. Dickens elevated “doornail” to a piece of ironmongery that (in his estimation) was deader than any other piece of iron mongery. One of the versions of “A Christmas Carol” that I watched this past Christmas season, explained that. I’ve always wondered why ‘dumber than a bag of hats (hair, rocks) is a popular phrase too. They’re ALL ‘dumb’ in that they are inanimate and don’t speak. Language is a funny ol’ thing and writers (like Dickens) have great power in using them…


  4. Did you not expect Faux News, Newsmacks, and Sinnerclaire to lie about everything?


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