As of right now, I’m pretty sure “our leaders,” — like them or not — have a strong collective will to not be seen as hiding from the mobs. If they are seen to be hiding, that’s the beginning of the end.  When all that is left to us is to shelter behind walls, we are ceding reality to the mindless. Mobs took down both Greece and Rome and I guarantee, they can take us down too. And will, unless we do something about this, other than make little speeches then go back to “business as usual.”

Mobs rule Washington DC on January 6, 2021 (I do not have a credit for this image. If you know who took the picture, please let me know.)

Neither democracy or republic was destroyed by organized armies or planned invasions. Mobs did it. Just like yesterday. Organized nations don’t try to destroy other countries. The whole point of an invasion is that country A wants country B. For it’s land, for it’s natural resources. For it’s people and their abilities, preferably as intact as possible.

Pro-Trump protesters storm into the U.S. Capitol during a rally to contest the certification of the presidential election results. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Mobs are entirely different. Mobs seek destruction, preferably total. For a mob, destruction is the beginning and end of the plan. They don’t see a future. They have no plans. They don’t care about the land or its uses. They have no intention of rebuilding, fixing, or changing. They want destruction as total as they can make it. They don’t know how they will live through the results of their own actions because they can’t see past destruction to a future.

When we say “unthinking mobs,” “unthinking” is the primary concept. Which is what worries me most.

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  1. I watched this thing all day. I couldn’t stop. In was truly incredible – in an awful way.
    From the very beginning of the event my first reaction was ‘Why isn’t there more police?” Trump had been inviting these ultra Right groups to this event for a long time. EVEN I KNEW THAT. Yet they were completely unprepared and under manned. They should never have been allowed to set even one foot the Capital grounds. SHAMEFUL!!!. Then people were killed. Could really have been a lot more deaths. What a mess.


    • That was also the second thing — after shock! — that I noticed. WHERE ARE THE POLICE? WHERE’S THE NATIONAL GUARD? Hearing that they “weren’t ready” was absurd. I KNEW something was going to happen, as did Garry and all of our friends (most of whom used to work in the news biz) — but if WE knew, surely THEY knew. I frankly think the cops approved. I’m not sure we’ll ever find out the truth because the whitewash has already started and won’t stop until this becomes an asterisk in our history, like so much else that was bad in our history. As have similar awful events in European countries and which have been completely erased in some countries.


  2. I couldn’t agree more…


  3. And unthinking mobs of course only exist on the right.


    • Right now, that’s true. I don’t know about the past and I can’t predict the future, but yes. Right now, that’s the way it is. No liberal leader has been trying to get our people out there rioting and trying to tear down the capitol. I’m sorry reality troubles you, but that happens to be the truth. I have no idea who was on which side when Rome and Greece fell to mobs, but here and now? It’s a bunch of ugly, racist, White supremacists. You can’t have it both ways.


      • And if Trump had won the election it would be Biden supporters storming the Capitol. And yes, people on the left have been encouraging rioting over the last year. Alexandria Ocasio Cortes said marginalized people have not choice but to riot. She explicitly used the word “riot”. Ayanna Presley demanded more unrest in the streets. Kamala Harris went on Stephen Colbert back in June at the height of the unrest while cities were burning and praised it as a movement that should not stop even after election day,

        I have given up on America. I’ve accepted the fact that it is done as a country so I frankly don’t care whether it’s extremist MAGAs or Antifa who delivers the final blow. As much as you may love a dying relative, at some point you just want it to be over so you can move on.


        • No, it wouldn’t. Because one congress woman uses the word “riot” does not have anywhere NEAR the consequence of four years of lying by the president and an entire news network. It’s not EVEN apples and oranges. More like Pandas and Hummingbirds.

          The country isn’t dying. The whole world is dying. Can it be saved? You won’t be part of that. People like you, the ones who give up easily and have no real fight in them except for words you throw around will never be part of any solution. You are a coward.


  4. They absolutely are terrifying


    • Mobs bring down empires. I wonder how many of the people who pushed those mobs to attack DC realize that out of control mobs destroyed Greece and Rome and were the foundation of the destruction of MANY other nations. There are consequences. We either do the right thing or we will be feeling those consequences and not just in Washington DC. Everything comes around again.

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