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I wrote about this. I don’t even remember when or if it was the intro to a reblog, a comment to a blog, or a separate piece. My memory is blank. I believe I said there was nothing to stop these insane insurrectionists from attacking any major city. The FBI thinks they are going to try to attack all of the capitol cities around the country. That’s probably a bit of an overreach, even for this group of crazies. Here in America, ambition is admirable and greed? Even better.

They are greedy to make their power felt, but of course there aren’t enough of them and they aren’t well organized enough to attach fifty cities. Moreover, I think they will attack places that are convenient and local. In other words, down south. Most of these guys are being hunted by the FBI and long car trips through multiple states, especially right now with COVID alerts all over the place and a lot of extra cops watching interstate traffic makes these long trips dangerous for anyone, much less a bunch of jerks being hunted by the FBI.

From the back, Boston Statehouse and this is OUR capitol city

So — they aren’t going to attack fifty state capitols. But they could narrow in on a few, assuming they can get their crew together and most of their so-called aren’t in prison. Without Twitter, Facebook, Parler et al, communication is going to have to go through phones and computers and these are being monitored.

Pro-Trump protesters storm into the U.S. Capitol during a rally to contest the certification of the presidential election results. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

This doesn’t mean that T****’s mobs aren’t a real and present danger. It doesn’t mean that he and his gang won’t try (and in some places, succeed) in making a lot of trouble. I’m sure wherever these idiots can gather, they will make a lot of trouble. We need to uproot the source — the big T — and imprison his cronies, the world will be a lot safer. It’ll take time to take down the mob’s leaders, but when we do we will effectively disarm them. They need leaders. Without them, they’re just disgruntled white people. So, regardless of how dangerous prosecuting T**** might be? He needs to pay. We need him to pay. If inciting an insurrection and attempting a coup is not reason enough for dismissal from government, nothing ever will be.

Do I feel like I’m under siege? Personally, no, but I feel my nation is. On some level I’m relieved it’s finally out in the open and not something about which we warn everyone while getting ignored. We weren’t crazy. We knew it would come to this. I’m surprised it took so long. Maybe if the last impeachment had been taken more seriously, it wouldn’t have taken so long.

So what about those questions?


What should you get rid of that would make your new year better, and why? 

I would really appreciate it if someone would take charge of about 150 antique dolls and a lot ancient Chinese pottery. Also paintings and other art. I worry about what will happen to these items when I am not here anymore. If you can pay for shipping, I’m ready to go!

 What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

Move to Israel with Owen. I was 30, he was 9. I left all my friends, my home, my job, my language and everything I knew and didn’t come back for 9 years. You have to do that kind of thing when you are young. I don’t think I’d have be willing to do it when I was older. I was still fluid enough and optimistic enough to think I could make that leap. I’m glad I did. It wasn’t, in the end, permanent, but it could have been.

Oddly enough, coming home was just as daring as  leaving. i was away long enough so that people had forgotten me. I had to reestablish myself professionally and socially. My social life never entirely came back but I never really minded. I suppose I should care more.

Does your family have a “motto” – spoken or unspoken?

Don’t ever say “it can’t possibly get any worse,” because before the words are out of your mouth, it will get worse.

On a scale of 1-10 how funny would you say you are?  (this does not mean ‘smell’ or looks; because this is a judgment free blog!) 

I used to be funny. I don’t think I’m so funny anymore. I think I used to be maybe and 8 or 9. Now? Probably 3 or 4. The world has been crunching in on me for a long time. Ironically, I’ve been healthier for the past couple of years than i was for the previous 10 years. The moment I started to get comfortable with my body, COVID showed up. Was that because I was congratulating myself on doing better and it jinxed the whole world? That seems a pretty big jinx for one old lady in Massachusetts.

Tell everyone something that you found personally lifted your spirits!  

I was very uplifted by the double Senate victory in Georgia. An hour later, this was followed by an attempted coup and insurrection in the Capitol. I’m afraid to be happy. Getting uplifted is dangerous to the rest of the world.

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  1. It was quite daring moving to Israel. Not only a different country, but quite a different culture and environment, too.


  2. Wonderful Share Your World Marilyn and the ‘pre-amble’ not too long at all. It’s just telling others what they might expect to happen. Scary shtuff..and if I were the Governor or Mayor of Salt Lake City? I’d be ramping up the security. The Governor is one of the T**** drones, the Mayor is a gay woman. And in Utah? They’re just batsh*t crazy enough to attack, you can bet there’s lots of good ol’ T**** boys around who will jump right in. I’m glad I moved. Interesting motto, and oddly very true too. It WILL get worse, the second you say it. Urgh. Take care back there and have as good a week as you can!


    • Never have I been gladder to live in a very blue state. I know we have our own crazies, too. Garry says when he was working, he encountered plenty of them and he said they were really scary — and that was more than 20 years ago. All these lunatics needed was someone behind whom they could march. And we elected T****. We gave them their leader.

      We are to blame. I know I didn’t vote for any of these guys nor would I ever, but I grew up here, and failed to pay enough attention to realize how dangerous these people were and are.

      This is a MASSIVE failure of the people of this country. The doubters, the “Oh, my vote doesn’t matter” people. The whiny kids waiting for life to give them whatever they think they deserve. As a nation, we have failed. Badly. Horribly. Shamefully. I have to look back on my life and seriously wonder how I failed so badly. How I overlooked so much. And what — if anything — remains that I can do.

      As for the future, our kids and grandchildren are going to have to stop whining and starting working for the greater good which will require REAL sacrifices, something at which they are not good. They have to stop pointing fingers at us and start looking in a mirror. I’d like to see them doing something — REALLY doing something — to make this world a better place. To make this world and this country a place where life can go foreword for EVERYONE.


  3. “Motta”: This too shall pass.


    • That was was my mom’s favorite. However, let us not have it “pass” without DEALING WITH IT. Letting it just fade away and pretending it didn’t really happen is NOT the way to go. This needs to be dealt with. For real. Then, this too can pass — but not ever disappear.

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  4. I think it is, in fact, possible that riots could occur in all 50 states simultaneously. Each city has its own contingent of local lunatics, and judging by the number of people who actually voted for Trump, there’s no shortage of them. All it takes is a couple of well-placed and well-timed social media posts and all hell breaks loose.


    • So let’s be really glad they closed down so many social media outlets!

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    • Possible, but not likely. Yes there are groups in every city, but not mobs the size of that which descended on DC. Even amongst the “believers,” many of them aren’t going to go out with guns and bombs. My guess — and I think I’ve got a pretty good grip on this — is that they’ll target cities where they can easily gather “their people.” Northern cities, especially very blue states, are far less likely to get targeted. For one thing, they need to take long plane or car trips to get here and they are being watched.

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  5. I love your writing and the authentic flavour that goes with it. Keep sending such messages, we as a world, need more of what is real.


    • There has ALWAYS been reality. You have to make choices including whether or not to believe in one guy who has NO EVIDENCE for what he promotes. ANYBODY can double and triple check FACTS — assuming they want to find out the truth. It’s about time we stopped accepting what people say without bothering to check for the actual facts and evidence.


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