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When was the last time you saw a disco ball on the ceiling of a club? When was the last time you were in a club? For that matter, when was the last time you went dancing? I don’t think I’ve ever been in a club with a disco ball. I’ve seen them on television, but I was never the “clubby” type. I hate crowds, hate loud groups and loud music, and I’m not much of a dancer. Take me out for cappuccino and dessert. Let’s skip clubbing and pretend we went. Also, I never had the clothing or  (for that matter) the figure to wear it.

The Disco Ball in the sky

But today, Garry, who has a cold, was sleeping late. Owen was going out to get a piece of old equipment repaired. I asked if I could come along. I needed an airing. It has been a long time since I went anywhere. I took my camera. Not that I thought it was going to be a serious photo shoot, but you never know, right? Right.

It turned out to be a shop filled with all kinds of old fashioned stuff. Mostly electronic equipment — turntables, speakers, amplifiers, headphones — but there was other stuff too. Old toys, funky paintings, musical instruments and in the middle of the shop, a big silver disco ball. I had to control myself and not ask the price. I need a disco ball like a need a hole drilled in my head. Still, it would look mighty interesting in my living room. And should anyone ever visit again, it would be an interesting conversational item. It is both square and definitely UP. What else do you do with a disco ball than put it up on the ceiling so when it spins, the light goes crazy?

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  1. I used to let my kids pick a Christmas ornament every year. One year, my most reserved, least flashy son picked a disco ball. It’s large and heavy, but the reflections are nice. Who ever thought a disco ball would make a good Christmas ornament?
    I say go back and get it. 😉

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  3. There was a place near the movie plex in Salt Lake City, in my youth which had one. You’d go deaf from the decibels at which they blared the ‘music” (I never cared for disco), but the ball spinning around reminded me THEN of when I was ten and used to go roller skating. On the couple’s skate, they’d dim the lights and spin the ‘disco’ ball, spattering silver dots everywhere.. Two memories for the price of one? PRICELESS! Thanks for the way-back!


    • I’m just grateful I got out of there without buying it! THIS is how you wind up owning all that STUFF.


      • This is important progress to your healing process.., you had the urge, but resisted it. I’m proud of you my friend. Now, if i could only do the same with my urges. Wait, I did have one this week.

        I saw a Graflex Speed Graphic (2 1/4″ X 3 1/4″), with sheet film backs, in the used display of my favorite, local camera shop. I took it out of the display, fondled it, Ohhhed! and Ahhhed! as I’ve always wanted one because of all the old movies where the press guys used them. I spent an hour salivating, but alas, walked out possessionless. It was pretty cheap too ($249). I could have called my GAS Anonymous partner but I got through it by myself, and I’m very proud of ME.

        NOTE: “GAS” equals “Gear Acquisition Syndrome”

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  4. Let the sun hit it and watch The Duke go crazy! My cats would be entertained for hours.

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  5. What a blast from the past.I used to go to various large dance halls in London in my teenage days, not really for the dancing, but you would meet all sorts there and in the middle was hanging a disco ball. It just belonged to the decorations, but without it something would have been missing. Glad you got out again, it was worth it. I have now been indoors for 9 days, not going anywhere except for the garden. I don’t even mind. The first time in my life when I don’t have to go anywhere and do anything.


    • I’m proud of me for not even asking the price! We’ve got to get COVID tests tomorrow. Because even though we’ve been quarantined forever, the doctor says his mother got it and she never goes anywhere. People get it and have no idea how. Will this never end?

      I really needed that excursion. I’ve been in this house for almost a year and I love my dog, my house and I’m urgently in need of just being somewhere else, however briefly.

      I loved that stupid ball. I though “how pretty” it would look when the light hit it!

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  6. What fun, you should go back and get it. Maybe it could go in bathroom!!



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