It’s not as if the past four years have been a peaceful period in the news biz. News has been hyperactive since Bill Clinton’s administrations. It has been full of wars (new and old), racial and social divisions, immigration, terrorism, and issues which have yet to be settled even though many of these issues have been “on the table” forever. Probably since the country was started. This morning, I got up and I took out my phone to see what the top of the news looked like. There was so much going on, I realized the phone wasn’t the way to go. I needed the TV and some kind of continuity.

But first, I had to take care of the birds. I needed to fill the flat and  yellow feeder s and attack the mess on the porch, I also had to do a cleanup of seeds and shells on the deck. At least it isn’t mucky. It’s dry and sweeps up easily. It only gets difficult difficult because the fence around the deck is very close to the flat deck, so getting the seeds OFF the deck is a bit tricky. I didn’t get it spotlessly clean, but it looks better. Then, I needed regular seeds for the yellow feeder, but first, it needed a good scrubbing. It has finally gotten warm enough so the water melted. I could take that in and clean it, too. I needed black sunflower seeds for the flat feeder, regular feed for the yellow feeder. The new red feeder still has plenty of seeds.

I took some pictures, after which I turned on the coffee. Changed batteries in all the cameras, decided to move the really long lens to the Pen F and put the 12 – 200 lens on the OMD EM1-II. The Pen F takes pictures that are different than the other OMD. I’m not sure how it will do with the very long lens, but I decided to see how it goes. THEN I had to put batteries in for charging, discovering the charger I though was for the standard OMD cameras was the wrong charger so after a lot of plugging, unplugging, and digging through big bags full of chargers -and plugs for the many cameras I own, but many of which I don’t actually use anymore — and drink some coffee.

Ultimately, I managed to put coffee in my cup and toast and English muffin. Garry came out. I suggested we turn on CNN because there’s so much going on, I could no longer track it in smaller pieces, especially because it’s hard to tell what one has read and what hasn’t been read.

So here we are. I think reporters are having trouble staying focused. Republicans are terrified that abandoning Trump will ruin their careers (such as they are) while being equally terrified of NOT abandoning Trump because that too could destroy what remains of their career. A hundred years ago, we’d stand them all up against the wall and shoot them. This WAS treason and in the end, it doesn’t matter why they did it. It doesn’t matter whether what they believed was true or not. It is not okay in this or ANY nation to attack the seat of government and expect to walk away clean.

I’m absolutely sure there isn’t a member of our government who doesn’t realize that if this were 1921, they WOULD have been shot. And I don’t even think they’d have gotten a hearing. In World War I, they didn’t wait for an investigation. They just shot them. I am absolutely anti-death penalty, but right now, the idea of lining up a bunch of these guys, starting with the big T and moving down into Giuliani, Hawley, Graham and others. Those who are now “jumping ship” from the Trumptanic are not innocent. They aren’t “better.” They are rats and they have been rats for years, so no surprise they are jumping ship. Not only are they rats. They are COWARDLY rats.

They are just afraid of repercussions. Afraid of the FBI and the courts. Well they should be.

So there is a huge amount of news and most of it is important. It’s as real as news ever gets. Witness our government reduced to a kindergarten level of organization and a major whitewash being attempted. If we don’t stand up and deal with this, we aren’t going to have a country. We will be rabble and it will affect ALL of us.

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