Fandango’s Provocative Question #104: WHAT SHOULD THEY TEACH IN SCHOOL?

Fandango wants to know…


How about just about anything? Like history? Literature? Truth? Science? Philosophy? Right and wrong? Hey, how about teaching them some kind of math that lets them add and subtract in their head so they can track how much they are spending in the grocery? Right now, all they are teaching is how to pass standardized tests. This stops being useful as soon as you aren’t in school. You can’t blame them for being stupid when we haven’t taught them anything and don’t seem to be planning to teach anything. They don’t even teach them how to write in script or tell time on an analog clock. They could go to London and have to ask someone else how to read Big Ben. Our education is pathetic.

Since they passed “no child left behind,” basically all children have been left behind. I don’t know whose idea it was, but the kids hate it, the teachers hate it, the parents hate it. I hate it and I don’t even have a kid in school anymore.  Our system worthless. To make it even worse, it’s also really BORING. I’m amazed anyone manages to stay in school and graduate and even sometimes gets into college and becomes a real person. Or are those only kids who went to private school? I don’t think I’d survive it. Not these days.


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  1. Very well put and in a concise fashion! Great post Marilyn.


    • Among the many things about which I’m angry, how we have degraded our educational process. It wasn’t brilliant when I went to school, but we did learn the basics. We learned enough math to get us through the grocery store. Enough literature to enjoy reading. Enough history to make you curious to read “real” history books (the stuff they give you in school is someone’s opinion and not history!). We’ve cut education funding so that we are not even in the top 20 of “best educated” worldwide. It’s embarrassing and worse, how do we expect to change anything if we have such an ignorant citizenry?


  2. I’m sticking with the good old reading, writing and arithmetic. At the moment they don’t seem to be doing that. In the future they’ll be signing documents that they can’t read with and “X” and won’t be able to calculate what it’s costing them.


  3. You’re right. Marilyn. Instead of teaching for standardized tests, schools should teach basic life skills and critical thinking. It seems very few people these days know how to think critically.


    • I agree. They can’t write, they can barely read, they learn a form of arithmetic that’s useless for real-life activities. They can’t read a clock or sign their own names. They know NO history and the little they do know is wrong. They don’t learn civics so they have no idea how their government works.

      We are pathetic.

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