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So there I was in Providence, which is just about 20 minutes south of here — just as Worcester is about 20 minutes north of here. Uxbridge is in the middle which is why, once upon a long time ago, we were important. We were almost exactly in the middle between the two “big” cities. All the mills, north and south, sent their goods — raw cotton, woven materials, dyed fabrics, shoes, etc. — to Uxbridge for transport to Boston and from there for secondary sale and transportation to other countries and states.

But what’s behind the door?

This is a very blue CBD Café. What is a CBD Café? I know what is CBD and I know what a cafe is. But what are they when combined? Let your imagination take over.

Now THAT is UP (and square, too)

So that’s a little of Providence. Not downtown. More like the edge of the city. But at least it’s not here.

MEANWHILE, Garry and I have to go get COVID tests. I don’t think we are sick, but apparently that no longer means anything. Our doctor said his mother caught it and she never goes ANYWHERE and has no idea how she got it. Sneaky little virus, isn’t it?


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  1. CBD? Coffee, Bagels, Doughnuts?


  2. Thoroughly enjoyed exploring your cities with you. Here’s to a negative test

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    • I feel okay. Mostly, it feels like a sinus infection and Garry has the sniffles — no cough, no fever. It’s a cold and he had just been congratulating himself on NOT getting sick at all this year. Which is when he came down with a cold. HOW is interesting. We haven’t BEEN anywhere but doctors and grocery. But a lot of people pick it up and have no idea how or where, so we aren’t alone. The doctor’s being really super cautious since his mother came down with it and she (he says) doesn’t go ANYWHERE. Ever.

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