Cooked a decent chili for dinner. Used my new Instant Pot. I needed to read the directions more carefully and not glance at them. Meanwhile, Garry found this headline in the New York Post.

Sexually frustrated: NYC ‘sex house’ residents moan about orgy-killing COVID

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  1. Will be interesting to see the STD stats during the pandemic …


    • Probably bad. I feel left out. I’m not doing what the rest of the world is doing. I’m not sure what that means. Maybe I’m just too old for that stuff. I must be losing weight, though. My pants fell off this morning. They used to be comfortable. Now, they are just loose.

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      • I thought the stats might go down, but then I suppose they’d shoot back up again if people thought the pandemic was over!

        I find life so much easier now that I have lost my libido (most of it at any rate)! It’s great that my judgement is no longer affected by hormones! With things being the way they are, it makes life a lot simpler … 🙂


  2. HAH! Not being familiar with this business, I didn’t think of the effect COVID-19 would have.., seriously.., not familiar…


  3. Well I fully expect another ‘boomer’ generation on the way due to Covid, but prostitution? I guess even the ‘sexually creative’ are finding social distancing (*snicker*) and masking up (which they could incorporate into their games) to be tiresome. The main thing that shocked me was that someone actually tried to organize an orgy. Would anyone actually be dim enough to participate in that? I suspect you’d have to be awfully lonely to get in there… O_o (bwahahah)


  4. chuckle …it’s a mad, mad world?


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