Up with the lark!

No larks, but other birds. All permanent locals. These birds live here all year round. We’ll start to see the migrants in March. Late March, probably.


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  1. oh these are superb Marilyn 😀


    • Thanks, but TODAY, THIS VERY DAY, I got the big Pileated Woodpecker, known as the Oh My God! woodpecker. He’s huge — easily the size of a medium hawk –and he’s a dead ringer for Woody Woodpecker. I got excited and took more than 300 shots which I’m trimming down to probably the best dozen or so. Through a grey afternoon and a dirty (really dirty) window, with a travel camera (the one near my hand) and a pretty good 25-750mm Leica lens. But it was a long distance and I was up above him. But I GOT HIM! Yay Team! They’d have been better pictures with my other camera, except I don’t have 750mm in anything else. Imperfect, but I so pleased about it.

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  2. These pictures are lovely.


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