Fandango’s Provocative Question #105: Putting the Devil on social media – again

I’m not entirely sure they shouldn’t just hang him for treason, so the idea of putting that moron back on social media makes my blood run cold. Which upsets my pacemaker and undoes all the good work done by my blood pressure medication.

It’s no accident that I used a piece of my “murder of crows” sequence for this question. I want nothing in this world as much as I want DJT to vanish into the mist and to never have to hear his voice, his name, or some bizarre idea that sprung from his so-called brain. He may not have an original idea or any knowledge of history or even the ability to read a few pages of text, but he seems for reasons completely inexplicable to me, the ability to rouse people. Maybe it’s the same thing I could never understand about Hitler. He was such a ratty little asshole. How could an entire country and ultimately, multiple nations follow this sleazy man? What did he have?

Apparently the ability to rouse people to do violence to others doesn’t require an education, knowledge, or a modicum of common sense or decency. You just need that special something — the bellwether factor. If you haven’t read the book, written by Connie Willis titled “Bellwether,” please take the time to read it. Because she pins down something that we all wonder. Why do the sheep — or sheep-like people — follow the bellwether? There is no answer. There’s just something about that sheep — or that president or prime minister or insane religious leader — who makes others follow him (or her, though mostly, this does seem to be mostly men).

There’s no explaining everything, but putting DJT back on social media would be to open the door to the dark yawning pit. AGAIN. I honestly don’t think I could survive another round of him. I don’t think I will ever forgive him for the damage he has done to our democracy, our climate, our health, or morals, our civility. Everything that was easy and required no thought — like simple good manners and basic kindness — he made heroic by being such a bad person.

When you finally extract a great evil from your world, you don’t put him back. The damage he has done he can do again. Even if he can’t (and we have no assurance of that yet) become president again, he can keep the hate going. He can rile up the deplorables and he can keep the lies rolling off his forked tongue.

As I started out, I thinl he should not be hanged for treason so the idea of putting him back on social medial is nauseating. I think my answer to your question is: NO NO NO NO NO!

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  1. I’m sure he’ll find his way back into social media somehow, it not by using his own name, then by having someone set up a site for him using a fraudulent handle (watch out for the new “Ducky Donald” tweets). Even so, I really don’t think anything he manages to post is going to have the same effect as it did in the past. He’s done. He’ll spend the rest of his days playing golf and whining about how unfair the world has been to him, but no one other than misfits and weirdos will pay any attention. The cancer has been excised; may the healing begin.


  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, Marilyn. Freedom of speech doesn’t allow you to shout “fire” in a crowded theater and that’s what Trump did every day on Twitter.


  3. No, no, no! Let us all have some peace.


  4. I can’t imagine why Twitter would even consider letting him back.

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    • I can’t imagine why it took them four years and an insurrection to take him OFF. If you or I talked like that, we’d have been removed in a split second!

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      • Back on Social Media? Hell, NO! I’m not a masochist. Not yet, anyway.

        I just read a piece in the Boston Globe about 45’s return to Mar-a-Lago and how the locals are reacting to the prospect of having him and family as full time neighbors. Interesting piece but I found myself wondering, “Why am I reading this?”


  5. He’s less worrisome to me than his legion of misguided minions whom seem to believe whatever nonsense he spews. They are the real concern. That said, if they ban numbnut permanently, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

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  6. I’m a huge fan of Free Speech, BUT(this man’s) Free Lies have nearly destroyed the Nation. We all know he’s not going to shut up, but we now have to contend with a huge volume of people that STILL believe those lies. That’s a very dangerous situation.
    If Mass Media outlets are going to promote Dangerous and Destructive ideologies that mobilize and incite millions of people against their government, they must be made to PROVE what they say.
    On another note: WHY do all these people willingly buy what are very evident lies and disinformation – with no facts to back such? Trump and these Lies are just a symptom of a problem that needs to be addressed and figured out if we’re ever going to fix things in the US. Cuz things sure ain’t United. Yet.

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    • There’s a reason why it’s illegal to shout” fire” in a theatre or other venue. Free speech is not the same as inciting to riot, run amok, or cause panic.

      As to why anyone buys into T****’s crap? Because for reasons that cannot be quantified, T**** is a bellwether and the sheep — two legged — follow him. I’ll bet, if you asked them, they don’t even know why they follow him. They just DO it. Their minds are not engaged.


    • WHY do they buy the lies? Good question. Especially when many seem to be intelligent folks. We are told they buy the lies because they need someone to blame for their problems which remarkably are the SAME problems we must battle. WHY do so many GOP legislators seem bent on pushing the same crap when Joe Biden is offering the olive branch?

      I agree Mass Media needs to stop giving time and space to the muck peddlers. We certainly don’t need any more of the incessant “breaking news” which is just more of the same old vitriol. I know some of the stories which need attention aren’t as sexy as the angst but so what? As a retired TV News reporter, I know it’s difficult for “the suits” to ignore ‘if it bleeds, it leads’. But we are to blame, in part, for perpetuating the venom that’s spread for the past 4 plus years. And, I am not talking about those cheery “feel good” pieces that everyone uses to end their shows now. They ARE nice compared to the rest of the news content – but enough is enough.
      We could use the return of thoughtful essays and commentaries to give us food for thought. There was a time when we had respected journalists like Eric Sevareid, John Chancellor and Tom Brokaw (who is still around) who gave us measured thoughts on the meaning of the day’s events.


      • Now, they don’t keep reporters around long enough for them to become “respected.” As soon as they want a raise, they dump them and hire another hungry newbie. The corporations in charge have a LOT to explain, but they don’t care. They have the money and that was what they were after anyway.


      • Over half the Republicans were voted in because they espoused Trump’s lies. Now we have the horrible situation that will continue to do so because they fear they won’t get voted in again otherwise. This is already manifesting as a gigantic problem as they could now easily defeat the Impeachment vote. Trump could easily rise again.


  7. I was surprised when I saw how much Covid disinformation dropped when he was taken off line. it was something like 80% of misinformation came from him. For the health of the world, keep him the F#@* off!

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    • He is a dangerous man. He’s stupid, but he has that “thing” that makes him a bellwether to humans. Not you, not me. We get information and we check sources, do a little research, look for the science, the facts and ultimately, the truth. He doesn’t care about any of that. He is a miserable, pathetic, pitiful thing who pretends humanity and the LAST thing we need is his honking voice spreading even more lies. It’s a hard road we all have to travel and doing so without T**** would make it tolerable. With him? I’ll bet we’ll never get ANYTHING done.

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  8. Hell, no!! It’s been a quiet world without him. And I like it that way.

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    • He is everything that’s wrong with modern communications. The world and everyone in it is better off without him.

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      • Now just waiting for the conviction to go through. I hope interest in this has not waned, and since he wrote a ‘generous’ letter to Biden. I wouldn’t trust the guy as far as we could throw him.

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        • So would I, Lois, and my throwing arm ain’t what it used to be.

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        • We all hope that. I think something will happen, but I think there will be a couple of weeks delay. I think Biden needs the time to get his COVID program started and his cabinet through the senate. I am sure he actually WANTED the time to get his feet on the ground before having to deal with an impeachment. It’s not that he — or any of us — don’t think it’s important. But right now, there is so much important stuff that needs doing and has needed to be done for a long time. Since Biden is just one guy, he needs at least to get his cabinet in place so he can pass out the work to be done.

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  9. No, no, no! I agree 100 percent! Keep hiim off of social media! He’s a bad egg!

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