Animals — pets and those we feed — don’t get a lot of choice. Although I’ve had many dogs and cats who would eat anything, I’ve also had dogs and cats who were picky (some cats were very hard to please!) and dogs who think dog food is for DOGS. Duke is just a furry four-legged creature who deserves his own seat at the table. Don’t laugh. We had a cat — our first cat, Mao (it means “cat” in some version of Chinese) — who had his own seat. He was only allowed to take the food using his paws and claws. He was really funny and developed excellent table manners.

The birds aren’t fussy (mostly), but they love cashews, pistachios, and every kind of fruit. Give them an apple some time. It makes them really happy as these pictures surely show.

Little finches, if I ever get rich, you will live in a world overflowing in dried fruit with a side of cashews and pistachios. I promise.

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  1. Duke doesn’t like fat on his pot roast and steak.


  2. I think they are getting spoiled at hotel Marilyn!

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