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So there’s a bit of up in these street pictures from East Providence. It’s the kind of neighborhood I’d probably live here. Yes, it looks a bit dumpy, but there are signs that there’s art nearby. Moot point. We will never move. They will have to carry us out. Literally.

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  1. Looks like a lovely neighbourhood 🙂


    • Interesting. We used to have a lot of places like that in Boston, but the prices got ridiculously high. Even in the WORST neighborhoods in the city, you can’t get a two bedroom condo for less than a couple of thousand dollars a month. We moved out here because for the price of this house on 2.43 acres, we could have rented a doghouse somewhere in the worst end of Boston. It’s right up there with Beverly Hills.

      I wish we could afford two houses — on in town. Just for the restaurants. Even if we can’t afford to GO to them, at least we’d feel better knowing they are there.


  2. Are those just twisted wires or a sculpture? Intriguing photo…


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