From “The Washington Post,” comes this nugget of wisdom of all living previous presidents, minus #45:

“Former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama — who starred in an Inauguration Day video playing up the democratic transfer of power — will also soon be jointly urging wary Americans to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to sources familiar with the project. The sources requested anonymity to speak candidly.”

I can’t begin to tell you all how badly we want those vaccinations. I’m not sure what the holdup is here in Massachusetts, but I actually think we are the slowest state of all fifty states to get people vaccinated. They are going to open up Fenway Park as a mass vaccination site — except we don’t live in Boston. We live 75 miles away AND Fenway Park doesn’t have a parking lot. It has never had any parking. You have to get there by public transportation, namely the T which is Boston’s version of the subway or underground. We don’t have a T or subway, commuter train, bus, taxi, or even an Uber. We’ve got nothin’.

And this from Bloomberg:

“Wall Street has some thoughts on how New York should handle the COVID vaccination process. Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Citigroup and KKR executives are pressing state officials to let them help. “Our economy will not recover, and we won’t be able to get people back into the office” without the shots, Goldman CEO David Solomon said. New York is running out of doses to distribute and business leaders worry any further delay will keep the financial hub empty. In Washington, President Joe Biden signed a litany of economic executive orders as Republican efforts to block his $1.9 trillion COVID-relief plan grow. Outside the Beltway, value-investing legend Jeremy Grantham warned that Biden’s economic-recovery plan will propel stocks to perilous new heights, to be followed by a crash rivaling that of 1929. —Margaret Sutherlin

I’m fully in agreement. yet the “over 75 crowd — like Garry — aren’t even scheduled for a first shot until MAYBE April and me? Forget comorbidities and heart conditions. I’ll be lucky to get a vaccination at all. I’ll only be 74 and since no one is keeping track of people who are particularly fragile in view of the pandemic, we’re not even on the list. We’ll get shots when there are enough shots that everyone else already has gotten them.

Are we pissed off about this? You bet. EVERYWHERE else they are into a second wave of vaccination for people like me and Garry who are old and/or in fragile health. Here? Unless you work at a hospital , clinic, or a senior “facility,” no one has gotten a vaccination. No one.

All of this in a state that has built itself up as having the finest medical facilities in the country and possibly the world. There’s something terribly wrong with this scenario. Aside from it being terribly wrong, it’s also just plain terrible. Without a vaccine, some of us will never be able to do anything ever. I am not only mad about this, I’m also depressed. I want my life back or at least a small piece of it. I appreciate having a new president, but could you send some vaccines to Worcester County in Massachusetts? Please?

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  1. Waiting in Pennsylvania, too, while some get shots and others don’t. I don’t mind waiting, generally. But a friend of mine, who tracks my heart disease sometimes better than I track it, has reminded me that the virus mutations might kill me, too, and more likely to do so. I received a text telling me that I have an appointment at the doctor’s this week. For a shot? Simply a general check? The text didn’t say, though naturally I’ll go. There is a snowstorm due that morning, because of course there is.


  2. Similar situation up here… We keep trying to sign up for the vaccine, but get the message that no openings are available, check back Monday. WILL DO!


    • In theory, we should be getting our shots. My best guess is that no one actually HAS any vaccine. Starting with you-know-who who didn’t order anywhere near enough and REFUSED THE OFFER OF A MILLION MORE VACCINES (I still don’t get why would he REFUSE them?) and now we are playing footsies with our local government. We have a handsome liberal (!!) Republican governor who smiles a lot at the camera. I’m not sure he knows how to do anything BUT smile.


  3. Wherever the the vaccine is, it isn’t in Northern Virginia either. They said it was, but it isn’t. they started to dispense via the medical centers but now they stopped and won’t be doing it that way, that is if they ever get any to start with. So – when and where and by whom – No one knows.


    • Not in California, Massachusetts, Virginia, Utah, Arizona, or Maine (that I know of). I heard that West Virginia got it right the first time. They just screwed the rules and made sure that every pharmacy in the state had vaccine and let them go to it. Why they don’t do that here, I don’t know except maybe we don’t actually have any vaccines.


  4. Here in Arizona, “No appointments Available this Month” was the mantra being chanted. I inquired through December and the same message kept popping up. OK, so the system is still being set up, but an ETA of availability would be nice.


  5. I applied to my local county’s health department to schedule an appointment to get a vaccination. Yesterday I received an email that said, “We just wanted to send you a quick note saying we haven’t forgotten you. We are still reviewing your request to receive a COVID-19 vaccination and will be providing you further information soon.” I hope they’ll get around to it before I die.


  6. I don’t understand exactly how your state systems work, Marilyn, and why it is that you state is lagging on this. My other older blogging friends are all getting the vaccine so you do seem to be correct that your area is behind. I hope this is resolved quickly for you.


  7. Other bloggers that I follow on here are reporting the same as you, Marilyn. Various levels of frustration around the situation too. IF “they” (they being those who are telling us what to do in the Time of Covid) want us to be vaccinated, then stop yappin’ and put the damn plan into ACTION already. I’m not fussed, Utah is acting just as idiotically as the rest of the U.S., I have a few elderly neighbors (over 70 and nearer to 80) who have been refused the vaccine because “it’s being saved for other reasons.” Yeah. Like the clinic staff’s families and friends I’ll bet. Or Joe Billionaire Blow who can pay to get to the front of the %$#!^ line. I’m glad I’m 60 and a bit. IF I ever get it (which is in doubt), I’m not fussed. I’ll just stay home and when I drop dead (if it’s due to Covid or not), “they” can take care of things then.


    • I’m pretty sure that a lot of wealthy people have gotten inoculated and of course every doctor and every member of every medical family as well as their aunts, uncles, cousins and children. I’m just so pissed off. There aren’t even any rumors about when we are getting them. I would like a little bit of life back. This would probably be funny if it weren’t so dangerous. Are they waiting for the more deadly, contagious version to show up so they can be rid of us annoying OLD people?


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