Discovering so much beauty up above

Up above includes a lot of territory. I mention this only because I’m caught a bit adrift not knowing where to find the perfect — or imperfect but appropriate — photograph.

Full Harvest Moon in September as seen through the trees

Ogunquit beach at sunrise

A winter Cardinal in a snowy tree

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  1. oh that last one Marilyn – perfect Christmas card


    • That was the picture that made me realize I had to start FEEDING them, no matter what I’d heard (don’t feed them, they will forget how to find their own food, yada yada). But they looked so cold and so hungry and I had a feeling that they were going to disappear without a little human help. We, after all, are the ones who have so badly damaged the environment that they NEED our help.

      I spend more money on feeding birds than on feeding the Duke. Birdseed is expensive — at least the good quality stuff is and they won’t eat the junk, so it’s not saving any money when you wind up throwing most of the food away. Now, too, there are a lot more birds. They’ve all nested nearby and bring the nestlings here for their first meals. It’s adorable.

      We seem to have generated a group of red squirrels, too. They had been disappearing fast because the big gray Eastern Squirrels have been shoving them out. We still get the gray ones, but we have at least three visible (from my deck) nests of red one. Awfully cute and good sharers. They will quietly eat from the feeders and don’t mind a bunch of birds sharing the feeder too.

      Today it’s very cold. We filled the feeders, gave them unfrozen water. It’ll warm up next week, so they say.


      • You’re wonderful Marilyn.

        Here in England they’ve created feeders that close up when grey squirrels go on them, but remain open for red squirrels.


  2. I’m unaccustomed to seeing the sun so low over the ocean at sunrise,


    • It was JUST above the horizon. It had come up maybe half a minute before. i really only had about 10 minutes to shoots between dark and day. I was lucky and the weather was perfect. Sometimes, you haul yourself to the shore and you get grayness and fog.

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