In the list of best vaccinating sites, Massachusetts is number 53, right after Tennessee. That’s way after Alaska and American Samoa. Far back beyond West Virginia and Connecticut.

I spent most of the day — nearly all of the day — trying to find a vaccine for Garry. I can’t get one. I’m not old enough or, apparently, sick enough. But I figure if I can get Garry set, that’ll be one down, one to go. There are no vaccines within 50 miles of our home. None and that includes in places more than 75 miles away. I got Garry on the “waiting list” for Barnstable on Cape Cod.

A person waited to check in to get a COVID-19 vaccination at Fenway Park at gate A in Boston on Thursday. JONATHAN WIGGS/GLOBE STAFF

That’s a tidy 75 mile drive and he could stay over on the Cape for a night except I’m not sure what is open there. The Cape is a summertime vacation location. January and February are not great times to find a motel room in Barnstable. So  he might have to drive home whether he likes it or not because I’m not sure there’s anywhere to stay there. Anyway, he doesn’t have an appointment. Just an appointment to get an appointment maybe. Eventually.

Someday I’ll be eligible too. I hope I live long enough. I’m totally disgusted with our state. I would feel even worse, but the news is full of people who are every bit as angry as I am. It’s always comforting to part of an enraged crowd. I’d attack someone but I’m not THAT mad and frankly, I’d probably catch The Disease.

I actually thought the lockdown was bad, but in some ways, trying to find a vaccination is worse because there is help — but we can’t get it. Which add a huge amount of aggravation, irritability, frustration — and higher than usual blood pressure to the isolation and poverty. Are we having fun yet?

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  1. I don’t think my place in Dennis is set up to keep people sequestered or even socially distance or I’d offer you and Garry a place for the night if and when he gets an appoint. Still might be possible… Hopefully something closer to you opens up soon!


    • Lets’s see if he actually GETS an appointment. It’s not normally an overwhelming drive — about an hour and a half if there’s no heavy traffic — but who knows what with snow on the way (supposedly).

      My problem is that I’m not sure what places are open this time of year. If it were summer, you’d know everything is open, but probably booked. Now, I wonder if everything is simply closed. There’s normally not much open this time of year, but THIS year is probably worse.

      Massachusetts is number 53 on the list! That’s AFTER Tennessee, American Samoa, Washington DC and at least one other non-state location (I’d have to look at the list again). Pathetic. And the thing is — where ARE the shots? They got a reasonable number, but where have they gone? I’m trying not to drive us crazy in this search. We are on all the lists that are supposed to notify us, but I am not holding my breath!

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  3. I was under the impression that demand exceeds supply. They can’t distribute what they don’t have. I haven’t even bothered to look for vaccination sites because I know there isn’t any vaccine to distribute.


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