It’s definitely winter. Last year, it only pretended to be winter. This year, it’s the real deal. For all you warm weather people who think “Oh, but it’s so pretty!” — please feel free to come and shovel the walk for us. Bring a warm coat, hat, gloves, and waterproof boots. I’ll provide hot drinks!

Chickadee, sparrow, and the tail of a cardinal

It’s a birdy madhouse out there. We’ve thrown on more seed three times today. They dig for it, but when the snow gets deep enough, it gets hard to dig, so we put out some more. It’s amazing how much seed we can go through when the weather is this bad. I hope those feathery guys are grateful. They should be!

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  1. So amazing that they survive outdoors in this deep freeze! Love the pictures.

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  2. The poor little birds definitely need the feeders at the moment in your neck of the woods. We’re having a cold week here after some very unseasonably warm weather (into double figures!) but it’s around zero here today. It doesn’t look like my region is going to get any snow, however. I was hoping to get some pretty pictures 😦

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    • New England has always had pretty unpredictable and wildly erratic weather. Overall, it’s definitely been much warmer for the past few years, but I think we’re making up for it now. The birds are hungry. I threw out a bunch more seeds this morning. If I get my boots on, I’ll wade out there and fill feeders and put out even more food — but they’re expecting MORE snow tomorrow. I love the way snow looks, but I also like being able to walk without slipping on the ice!

      You would not BELIEVE how many birds we have back there. The pictures, because of how I have to shoot through small panes of glass, are mostly closeups, but if you just look, it’s really wild and crazy. The birds don’t really land. They sort of fall out of the sky. The flight patterns of birds is really fascinating and not at all what I expected. They do all kinds of strange things with their wings.

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  3. Marilyn, the birdy boss never forgets, your heavenly counter is adding up with every good thought, hope the health is strong, snowed in, order in good wine, lock the door, tell Gary you are going to run for the presidents Job now that Joe B has raised the standards bar, amen… you can’t be serious…


    • We are doing okay. So far, so good. Garry got the first of his two-part vaccine yesterday with a confirmed date for the next vaccination on Feb 27. With a little luck, my turn will come up soon. It has been a tough year and it’s not over yet, but we’re doing okay. Maybe i was born to just feed people and birds and dogs and cats. Maybe that IS my job. Feeder!

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  4. Well it is pretty — but it looks terribly cold!


    • It is absolutely bitterly cold. The good part is that the snow is very dry and fluffy. Easy to clean the car and easy on the plow trucks. But for people like me and Garry, it’s hard to breathe when it’s this cold so mostly, we don’t go out when it gets this cold. Last year, winter never got all that cold, but this year, it’s a real New England winter and I’m wheezing, so I stay in. This year, I won’t even go out to take pictures.

      It won’t last much longer. By March, it’ll be warmer and by April, the flower will be starting to bloom. It’s amazing how in a month, you can go from worrying about how much oil you need for your boiler and how much electricity you need for your A/C!

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