FOTD – February 9 – TWO LIPS

I have tulips. I used to grow tulips. I think the skunks ate the bulbs because one year, they stopped coming up and we do have a lot of animals that like eating bulbs, but skunks are wicked bad about digging up gardens. At one point, I actually had a wire grid over the top of the garden in the hopes of keeping the bulb eaters out of the garden. It made it really hard to take care of the garden because to just weed the patch, I had to unroll all that wire fencing. It made a medium task into a really huge task.

I gave up. Nonetheless, when we get springtime an actual spring season rather than winter followed by summer the next day, a tulip or three blooms in our garden. It depends on how much snow is melting in the garden. I’m afraid this isn’t going to be a good year. But at least I know a few bulbs survived. So far, so good.

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  1. Until I found dahlias and irises to photograph, tulips used to be my all time favorite flowers. 😀 😀

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    • I wish I could grow dahlias. I used to grow irises, but the winters were too cold and the bulbs froze. I didn’t have the energy to dig them up every fall and save them for the following year. I was surprised at how many things grew in NY that won’t grow here. It’s just one degree of latitude, but it’s a big difference in winter temps.

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  2. They are a sure sign of spring.


  3. I love tulips, Marilyn. They are my favourite flower. My mother has green fingers and can make any plant grow.


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