Fandango’s Provocative Question #108

From the internationally famous Fandango comes this Valentine’s Day question:

I hate the fuss and fury made over Valentine’s day. I thought it was fun when I was in third grade and we got to cut out hearts from red colored paper and paste it on a paper doily. I was 7.

Adult relationships aren’t built on holidays. It’s nice to be remembered on my birthday and our anniversary, but we’ve often delayed these celebrations because one or both of us were working or not feeling well. Being hugged and told I’m loved and to have a happy birthday is wonderful. How much more do I need? We give presents to each other all year round.

We have no plans for Valentine’s Day.

If you need this holiday to prove your love, you aren’t in love. Garry will get me a card because he is big on cards. I will give a kiss him because I’m big on kisses. But Garry buys me flowers whenever he has a few spare dollars, and I don’t save my kisses and hugs for special events.

We have no plans except for a surprise family dinner. My granddaughter and her mom scored a leg of lamb which we shall all joyfully consume. Owen will bake bread. But it’s not because it’s a holiday. It’s because it’s Owen’s day off. We’ll have to open the dining table which means I’ll have to move all my camera equipment which is currently taking up pretty the entire table. When of the big lessons of my photographic life has been to always keep a camera handy. That perfect shot you missed will probably never come  back. I keep the cameras where I can grab them and since I have a lot of cameras, I have a favorite lens on each camera. If I see something I want to photograph, there will be a camera with the right lens on it and I won’t lose the shot.

In just short of 74 years, I’ve never gotten a special gift for Valentine’s Day. I can’t imagine a relationship so pathetic that failing to “come through” with a gift on this super silly day breaks up a couple. Seriously, if your relationship is that fragile, you’ve got a much bigger problem than forgetting Valentine’s Day.

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  1. We in Europe can’t quite understand the fuss either. We love all year round and tell our beloved ones w/o a special day. Flowers are twice the prize on this occasion and I ‘ll cook a random Sunday meal. But we take the opportunity to especially thank a few people who do their duty with no fuss and attention seaking. No fuss, just to express our gratitude.

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    • The hysteria that accompanies Valentine’s Day has ALWAYS baffled me. Do ;they not declare their love to one another the rest of the year? Do they need a formal celebration? Why? Do they save love for that special day?

      Having someone forget my birthday or in Garry’s case, anniversary, is annoying but I admit to having forgotten too — and more than once. Life gets busy and when we were working, there really wasn’t any time to shop or even schedule a dinner. I was so tired when I finally got home, I didn’t have the energy to eat, much less get dressed and go out. What’s worse, is this stuff spreads around the world so after a while, EVERYONE is hooked into these silly holidays. It’s ridiculous.

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  2. We’re hoping to meet our daughter and her boyfriend for a Valentine’s Day picnic at a local park on Sunday, but it’s more because we haven’t seen them in personal foe a few months and it just so happens to be Valentine’s Day, so more coincidental than planned.

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    • This year it’s on a Sunday, so most of us have something special we do when our working kids aren’t working. Sandy and Kaitlin are bringing the leg of lamb. I’ll cook it because I have the big oven and the room for a family dinner, but if it hadn’t fallen on Sunday, we’d have had to schedule it for Sunday anyway.

      I send electronic cards. Regular paper cards — nice ones — have gone way up in price. It’s often six or seven dollars for just ONE card! That’s an awful lot and then you have to hope you have stamps and that it will get there somewhere near the date.

      I can get a full year of Jaquie Lawson cards for $20 — unlimited with special goodies.

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