CFFC: Reed, Read or Red

Everywhere along the rivers in this valley reed and weeds wave in gentle and more powerful winds. I love the weeds and reeds. Some people plant various kinds of reeds as part of their garden, but I’m in love with the natural reeds you’ll see along all our riverbanks and the rivers and streams.

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  1. Beautiful river reed photos! I also especially like the first and last photos.


  2. You promised some wonderful reed photos. These are impressive and ever so beautiful 😀


    • Thank you. It’s difficult for me to be sure it’s a reed rather than some other tall weed. I’m not nearly as good at identifying plants as birds. I’m not even sure what all the descriptive terms mean. But I figure all those tall things that grow along the river banks are sort of reedy and they are so pretty. They almost all flower in the summer, too. Not just little wildflowers either, but big puffy pink and yellow and purple flowers. Some are garden “runaways,” but most are local wildflowers.

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  3. You have some beautiful images here. My personal favourites are the one with the red boat and the last photo of a river bend.

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    • As they have continued to clean up the river, we see more and more people kayaking on the river. This was one of the rare times when we saw people canoeing. Usually, it’s kayaks and in that particular part of the river, kids like to swim. And fish. Lots of trout there.

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      • The pandemic brings good things too sometimes. They wouldn’t have time to clean the river otherwise. Nice to see people enjoying nature. Thanks Marilyn.


        • In 1974, the Blackstone was one of the top three most polluted rivers in the U.S. They have been cleaning it up ever since. It has taken 50 years, but the river is quite clean at this point. One pandemic when it was at its worst wouldn’t have even put a dent in filth. It has taken all fifty years, but it was worth it.

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