CBWC: Lost or Left Behind

Old and forgotten. You see a lot of old vehicles in farm country. It’s too expensive to take them to an official place to die, so they get left along the edge of fields. They do make wonderful pictures.

Old number 2

Rusty, forgotten Dodge truck

Too old to repair

Cee's Black-White

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  1. Terrific photos Marilyn 😀


  2. Save that poor fire engine … it’s a treasure !!


    • Luckily, someone who’d been following my blog adopted it and is in fact rebuilding it in his backyard. I’m really glad. It deserved better than to just fall apart in a vacant lot.


      • Excellent!! I’d love to see it when he’s finished.


        • Me too, but it’s going to take a long time, especially since COVID made this year hard to manage — nowhere to go and find parts — and he’s finishing a Master’s degree. But he has room in the yard and this kind of reconstructions can take a long time.


  3. I am always fascinated by things left behind, these are great shots


    • You don’t see this as much in cities except for actual junkyards, but out here, there are plenty of empty fields. And I think folks are sentimental about old trucks and farming equipment, so they look for a “safe” place to leave it.

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