I wish that T&%$# Impeachment II had ended with a surprise, but it didn’t. It ended better than I thought it would. The really most frustrating moment was Mitch McConnell’s diatribe against T&%$# after the trial. Basically, the jury, aka “the Senate,” freed him on a technicality.

A technicality.

Just like a particularly annoying episode of “Law & Order,” they threw out the evidence because they didn’t think the Senate had the right jurisdiction. It’s like when they let the child killer go because they didn’t have a warrant when they found him and the murder weapon. McConnell, huge political animal that he is, wanted to be on both sides. He hates Trump, but thinks the party needs him if the Republicans stand any chance to regain the majority in the Senate. So he dared not fully break with the party, but he couldn’t stomach letting him get off without at least snarling at him. What a pity he didn’t do a little more snarling a little earlier in the Orange Menace’s term in office. Someone quoted someone else (no, I do not remember who said it about who else said it, but it’s a great line) and said “The Devil is a nobody compared to T&%$#.” Yes, we all know that. Sorry you’re just making the discovery.

See “Impeachment Trial Live Update: New York Times.”

No one believed him. Eloquently though he spoke, if he felt that strongly about T&%$#’s guilt, he could have made his point far better by helping to convict him. He might well have been able to drag along enough other Republicans to convict the asshole.

This means we haven’t gotten rid of T&%$#. He may not have his Twitter account back (yet), but time and remarkable ability of American corporations to forget right and wrong when confronted by profit and loss will no doubt give it back to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was sooner rather than later. Garry found the whole episode depressing. I wasn’t as depressed because it was what I expected. I never thought those spineless Republicans would convict him and no one else thought so either.

We all hoped for a miracle of sorts, but you only hope for miracles. You can’t count on them. Garry, eternally optimistic, hoped harder than me and was thus more disappointed. I pointed out that it could have been worse because in my opinion, while things might get better, they can always get worse. No matter how bad you think things are, the possibility of them taking a dive always looms. More Republicans voted their conscience than anyone expected. Moreover, this was one of the very rare political events almost everyone watched. It was the best live TV since the beginning of the lockdown 300 years ago. So if the Impeachment Managers were unable to swing the GOP, maybe they swung enough Americans to make a difference somewhere down the line. Also, there was a guest lawyer (from New York) on CNN who pointed out that T&%$# has been very lucky, but sooner or later, luck runs out. I guess we’ll see.

In politics, you take what you can get. Because — no kidding — it can get worse.

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  1. You’d think that with all the screwing over he did in civilian life, there’d be some civil actions to be taken. While I had hope, as did Garry, I knew it was unlikely that spineless Republicans would vote too convict.., that would not look good to their constituents. These guys are desperate to keep their jobs and the power that comes with those jobs. So, yes, I was disappointed, but not surprised. After all we did enjoy some uplifting moments when he lost the election. It is now the job of Democrats/Biden to prove they are way better for the country than Agent Orange was, or ever could be. Victory doesn’t come easily, and progress even slower, but we did win something and we need to make the best of it.


    • I know. I was, like you, not happy how it went, but not at all surprised. We knew from the start pretty much how it would add up. At least it was a majority. And let’s hope Biden does an exceptionally great job. I just wonder if those T—- fools will even NOTICE.

      You know, you live in the ONLY other state other than Massachusetts that still only vaccinates people over 75? Have you managed to get vaccinated yet? Garry is halfway there. One more to go on the 27th. I, of course, aren’t even on the “eligible list” yet. I keep wondering if it will ever REALLY be over.


  2. I was like Garry, ever hopeful, only to have my hopes dashed once more


  3. I do not like Mitch at all, and agree that he should have said his tirade -before- the trail, or even when T%$#@ was still in office, not after it is too late, but I am glad that he at least said it out loud and publicly. And, yeah, it is frustrating that he was acquitted. Perhaps the DOJ can convict his for High Treason, which Mitch pretty much said he is guilty of, and he will never be able to leave prison.


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