Garry will finish his two-part vaccination before this month is over, but I’m not even allowed to book a vaccination yet. I’m not eligible. Garry asked me how this could possibly be true since I, among the three people who live in this house, am the most likely to die of COVID. All I could tell him is what everyone tells me: “Ask the governor.”

I would ask the governor if I had his email or phone number. We’ve received more than a million doses in this state and used fewer than half of them. People like me — under age 75 (I’ll be 74 in three weeks but 74 doesn’t cut it — regardless of co-morbidities (like replacement valves et al) are not even on the schedule. So imagine my frustrated amusement when Garry got this message today (see illustration).

If we lived in ANY of the other 49 states, I might be having trouble finding where to get the vaccine, but I’d be able to get one somewhere, even if I had to spend a week (again) on the phone. But I can’t get an appointment at all, anywhere. It’s illegal.


UMass was our “fallback” position. They were “supposed to call us” and schedule us for vaccination. Well, Garry anyway. The hospital also seemed to find it peculiar that I felt Garry should get vaccinated sooner rather than later. “Well,” she said, “If you’re in a HURRY…” I found her casual attitude just one more baffling moment in a life full of baffling moments.

They felt that I should relax and wait. Be a nice lady and wait. “Stay safe. Have a good day.”

I’m glad I’m not a mother of small children who are going to miss a second year of school. The thing is, there is no Mass Vaccination site in Central Massachusetts (Worcester County) or on Cape Cod. For anyone from either location, even if you manage to score an appointment, it’s going to be at least an hour and a half drive.

Not everyone drives and not everyone feels comfortable making a 90 mile journey for a vaccine, even if they drive and have a car that will do it. If I hadn’t lucked into finding this place where Garry is getting vaccinated, we’d have had to drive 60 miles (each way) to Gillette Stadium, then stand in endless lines in the freezing cold. Or do the same thing at Fenway Park which is even more distant. My theory is that if at least ONE of us is vaccinated, it make me less likely to get sick. I sure hope I’m right. Meanwhile, I don’t understand why, unlike EVERY other state in the country, Massachusetts can’t set up a central booking website with basic contact information, like an email or a phone number. It’s baffling. Frustrating. Infuriating. I just hope I don’t die of it.

These days, though, there are so many things to be furious about. Being stuck in my house forever is just one of so many issues. I wonder if we will ever emerge from this mess. It’s beginning to feel sort of permanent, isn’t it?

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  1. I’ll be 70 in September. But I have no “Problems” lol
    Doctor? Phttttttttt! I just don’t go out except every 2 weeks for canned goods at a local convenience.
    Salad? HA! I have to laugh ..I’m starting to whisper with myself for conversation. Recently I spoke out loud to be sure I could still hear my voice and that I had one. 😏😀


  2. I am also still waiting. The problem is different here. People in senior homes were first on the list and many have had their jab. We alo have to be officially 75 years old, but with a letter from your doc (which I have because I am diabetic and have MS) we are given priority. Mr. Swiss is 81 years old, is also on the list but has heard nothing. They just don’t have enough vaccine in our state, although generally Switzerland seems to be on the waiting list. I think we are the forgotten country.


    • We don’t have any either — and we MAKE it here. Our hospital ran out yesterday. At least Garry will get his second shot at the end of the month. I’m not even on the list. If you aren’t 75, you can’t even TRY to get a vaccine which is really stupid AND we are the only state that has the same rules you do. Massachusetts is not only the forgotten state, but we don’t even have distribution in the entire county. It’s ridiculous and I’d be more irritated if I wasn’t so worried. Anyway, I figure if Garry is vaccinated, maybe it will help keep me from getting sick.

      Most countries seem to be out of vaccine. But many have done a lot better distributing it than others. Israel has managed to vaccinate the entire population by simply distributing it to family doctors rather than “vaccine centers.” Why they don’t do that HERE I have no idea.

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