I did some counting for the Great Backyard Bird Count today. I also took a few pictures late in the day. I didn’t go through all of them yet, but I found two absolutely adorable Chickadee pictures. Of all our birds, they have been the most excited about the log suet I fed them. This is a high protein concoction of beef suet, mealworms, and seeds that birds who won’t eat only seeds are supposed to love. I though the woodpeckers would be at it and probably the Blue Jays. And while the Jays will nibble at it, the woodpeckers are ignoring it, but the Chickadees are thrilled.

This is a Chickadee in mid “hop” as he goes from the edge of the flat feeder to the suet. The squirrels are supposed to like this too, but so far, they seem more impressed with the black sunflower seeds. I love that it looks like this little guy is standing on air!

And here he is, having done his hop, now absorbed in picking out some good birdies eats!

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5 replies

  1. Aw! ❤ What an adorable little guy! So happy he got a special treat too!


  2. Love the second photo – How cute is he!


  3. The hopping Chickadee is the cutest!! Great photo, adorable bird.


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