I had to take a few more pictures today. Proving that the birds don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, some of the migrants are returning. A couple of Carolina Wrens. Two brightly red-headed House Finches and a few Goldfinches who look more gray or brown the yellow. Wait until mating season, though, when they are wearing the brightest colors.


What a color this boy has!

I never miss the Cardinals. Other birds are bright and beautiful, but whatever the weather, the Cardinals pop out. That red is hard to miss. We also had more than a dozen Mourning Doves and an equal number of Blue Jays.

Blue Jay


It was a good day for the little birds.

You’d think with so many big fat doves and assertive Blue Jays that the little birds would be overwhelmed, but they aren’t easily overwhelmed. They have a lot of attitude for something that weighs close to nothing.

Tufted Titmouse

White-Bellied Nuthatch

I was sort of sorry to have the GBBC end today. It reminded me to spend some time just watching — and counting — the birds. And it wasn’t so cold today, either. Not the way it had been predicted. Tomorrow it’s back to watching, but not counting. I guess I can live with that.

A Carolina Wren makes his first visit — and he brought a friend

And I did this all while the bread was rising. Happy almost spring even though it’s going to snow again tomorrow.

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  1. Even in the worst of yesterday morning’s snow and freeze, there were oodles of birds out there picking around in the snow. Puffy as hell, too (I’m guessing they fluffed up their feathers to get warmer). Cardinals galore, the biggest ones I’ve seen.

    Of course, me getting a few cupfuls of songbird food and mealworms to throw out to ’em helps (hee hee). I never saw more birds out there, but I’m guessing the odd occurrence of snow on the ground just made ’em stand out.


  2. Ah! What BEAUTIFUL photography! So many varieties of birdies, all lined up for a meal! Those blues and reds are GORGEOUS, but the ‘little birds’ are all amazing in their color schemes too! That little chickadee looks so cheeky! There may not be an official ‘counting birds’ going on, but if you liked doing it, why not do one for yourself? Just a few jottings as you’re able per day perhaps. It would be fun to see the numbers increase as Spring approaches (we hope. we hope. we hope!) 😉


    • Not only are the little guys cheeky (they truly ARE), but they are friendly. They no longer fly away when we go out to fill the feeders. They buzz around our head cheeping for more food, more seeds, any meal worms? I think we could easily teach them to eat from our hands, but I don’t want them to get that tame. If I’m not here, they still will need to fend for themselves.

      Meanwhile, I’m so enjoying them. We all needed to find SOMETHING to do with these months and mine was birds. Lots and lots of BIRDS.


  3. The last bird is a Carolina Wren. Wonderful photos.


    • I get the two birds confused. I THOUGHT it was a Carolina Wren, but they aren’t supposed to be here yet. Thank you. The two birds are very similar, though I think the Carolina is rounder and a richer, darker brown and only has an eyebrow, not the line below the eyes — but — it’s off season and a lot of birds don’t look like their summertime selves. Thanks again.


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