CFFC: Bark – Tree Bark or Dog Bark

Bark and beak

I know our trees don’t really bark, unless one is full of birds who are hungry. Then they don’t so much bark as squawk! I think we are lucky the trees can’t bark. What a noise all those trees could make. El Duque all by himself can make an enormous racket and that’s just to warn us that someone is walking a dog near our property. Zounds!

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7 replies

  1. It was nice to see the Scotties again. They were lovely dogs.


  2. I was hoping for some good dog photos. You did not disappoint. Your tree bark photos are terrific too. 😀


    • Thank you!

      The dog photos are more luck than art. When they were moving that fast, I pointed, shot, and hoped something would come out of it. I miss having another dog, but Duke is happy being king of the plantation 😀


  3. Such playful dogs…


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