I am serendipity. It’s the name of my blog and it’s my life. I was up at 3 this morning. I couldn’t sleep. Even though I had an alarm set, I was afraid to miss my chance at getting a vaccine. You’d think after all the carrying-on about how ridiculously difficult getting a vaccine has been in Massachusetts, they’d have improved it. Yet somehow, despite all logic, reason, and having MIT in Cambridge — not to mention lord knows how many other colleges and universities — they can’t figure out how to make a website that is simple to use, even for people who are not computer literate.

I couldn’t sleep last night because this was the day they deliver vaccines to Massachusetts. Even though I had set an alarm, I was a nervous wreck. At 3:20 am I was wide awake couldn’t go back to sleep.

I got online. There were a lot of vaccinations in various places, but when you found something, rather than being able to just schedule the vaccination, they put you in a “waiting room.” They would email you when it was your turn to sign up and you only got 10 minutes in which to find the link, click, and start your sign up process.

They even told you how many people were ahead of you — ranging from 20,000 to more than 100,00 with wait-time estimates ranging from an hour and a half to five or six hours. During that time, you couldn’t close or turn off your computer. You had to stay fixed in position to leap into action the moment the email arrived. I missed four appointments because by the time I saw the email, it was too late. In every case, I was just a minute or two late, but they don’t leave you any spare . wiggle time in case it took a while for an email to show up. Approximately when I was so tired, all I wanted to do was sleep, the phone started ringing.

We dropped off our taxes for processing yesterday, so from 8 am onward, the phone rang continuously with questions. She was just trying to make sure she had all the information right. I couldn’t fault her for trying hard.

Did we get city water? No, we have our own well.

Do we have any additional income? No. What you see is what we’ve got. Heaven only knows — probably the only place that really knows — how much we’d like MORE money from somewhere.

What kind of medical care do we get? Medicare via Blue Cross.

I missed three different opportunities because the “official” 3 hour wait turned out to be closer to 45 minutes. I was exhausted and ready to throw in the towel. I realized I no longer cared about anything other than getting a full night of sleep. I was also extremely crabby about it. Downright grumpy. Note to self: Apologize to poor Garry who was only trying to help.

Suddenly, up popped CVS with a boatload of available appointments and no “waiting room.” Just pick a time, fill in the blanks and voila! I made both appointments and it took maybe five minutes — possibly less. Not only were there appointments, but they are a mere half hour from here in lovely Sturbridge village. In our neck of the woods, that’s basically “next door.” The first shot will be Monday, March 1st which is just 10 days short of a full year since the beginning of lockdown. The second shot will be on March 29th. I don’t know which vaccine I’ll be getting, but I don’t care.

That is classic serendipity. Just when I’d given up looking, it got found.

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  1. WOO HOO!!! I’m so glad to read this news!! Sometimes we get what we want and what we need, all rolled up in a big package!! *phew*


    • It was really weird because I had given up. I was so tired of endless scanning the state and federal vaccination sites. They deliver so few vaccines and they are all gone in under two hours, in this case, it was 90 minutes. And the thing is, I was ON LINE LOOKING by 5 in the morning! So this was a minor miracle. Garry gets his second shot tomorrow and I get my first on Monday. Who knows? Someday maybe we’ll have lives again?


  2. Glad you’re getting yours. πŸ‘


  3. isn’t that typical? Your serendipity was hard tested and tried…. but so worth it! Good luck with it.


  4. That was hard work, but well done for sticking at it!


  5. This is really a coincidence. I also get my first jab on Monday, around 4.00 pm and the second at the end of March. Mr. Swiss gets his today around 11.00 and the second end March. I got a telephone message yesterday and they even called Mr. Swiss by phone to confirm. Looks like they didn’t forget us after all. Our Kanton seems to have got a delivery.


  6. I am glad to hear that you finally got your appointments and that you won’t have to drive across the state to get there. Things are certainly looking up a bit.
    As i mentioned I have no idea when it will be available to me but it’s OK. You know we live in an isolated area. I’m reasonably well and there is no Covid 19 in Tasmania at present. I feel comfortable to wait until they let us know where and when it will happen. I’m not really expecting it to be before my birthday in May. If we had another outbreak I’d just stay at home. The only thing I’m missing is travel which I can’t afford anyway.


    • We still have to travel across half the state to complete Garry’s shot, but mine is at least quite local. One out of two ain’t so bad πŸ˜€ I still don’t understand how we could do this so badly. Massachusetts really IS internationally famous for universities — Harvard and MIT are just two — and some of the top medical research in the world — and some amazing doctors. Yet we could not create a simple interface that a normal person can use.

      You really ARE lucky in having almost no disease there. I suspect being an island helps, too. Less traffic.

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      • Being an island has helped a lot. Much easier to secure the borders during lockdown as the only way to come in is via an airport or on the ferry. No long borders with other states. Also Tasmania does not have international flights. Our initial outbreak in NW Tasmania last year was started by returning passengers from the Ruby Princess.
        It is crazy that the best system the state can come up with is similar to the one we used to suffer when buying concert tickets over 20 years ago,


        • You have to wonder WHO the governor hired to do this work. I really think any sophomore in one of our technical school could easily have done a far better job. Smiling Charlie was a popular governor until he utterly mishandled vaccination distribution. NOT so popular now!

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  7. Congratulations on getting your appointments! It’s disgraceful that the process should be that difficult, especially for us older ones. There should be organizations that help us get through all the red tape.


    • There’s simply no excuse for it. Not in California or Massachusetts. We are states with a bunch of major universities. We’ve got a lot of smart people living around here. All they had to do is ask a couple of sophomores at MIT to built them something and I’m sure they would have done it. Total stupid mismanagement. Hell, I had trouble using it an I’m pretty good with most software. I can only imagine how Garry would have fared had I not handled it for him. it was really poorly done.


  8. All the best Marilyn. πŸ’œ


  9. That’s serendipity indeed! Our system has been equally ridiculous, but when I found in my junk file my opportunity to sign up for vaccines, I grabbed it quickly, even 2 days after a procedure that required anesthesia! I have now had the first shot, and the 2nd will be on 3/4. I only have to drive 4 miles to get the shot, and it has even been appropriately nice weather here! Glad you have your appointments now!


    • Well, Garry’s were 50 miles away for each, but mine are about a half hour’s drive. it’s also a very easy drive from here — all highways, no stop light. Even WE can’t get lost. They’ve just done some really bad implementation for distribution and considering the number of schools and hospitals and teaching hospitals too around here, there’s simply no excuse for it. I could go on and on about it, but why bother? I’m just really really glad I snagged a shot. I’m pretty fragile internally with a lot of replacement parts in my body. I comfort myself that I’ll never be a lost Joan Doe on a slab because half of me has serial numbers imprinted. I actually carry four different cards, each with the serial number for a different part, and some kind of weird blood thing I don’t understand at all — probably because no one has explained it to me.

      This has been a real embarrassment for a state that prides itself on two major industries: education and medical technology!

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      • I feel your pain Marilyn, there’s no logic to how the Vaccine is being distributed.., but I’m glad you and Garry FINALLY got appointments. I just took my second one today and went through the early frustrations, much like you, scheduling the first. All I can say is when I was at the actual location the process was smooth as ice. Every one was very friendly and accommodating. Hopefully all will go well for you guys as worker/volunteers seemed very anxious to help. I believe they were as nonplussed as you were, and could only shake their heads in disbelief.

        On another note, the AZ GOP is hard at work trying to make it harder for folks to vote. Where the hell are we.., isn’t this still America where legislators worked for us, not against us?


        • Maybe America was never really the America we thought it was. Just saying.

          Garry’s shot went very smoothing too and except for one woman we know, no one had anything worse than a sore arm.

          No one takes care of people anymore. At least no one in the GOP!


      • It was said by reporters here that our county’s “Othena” system was perhaps designed by a 5th-grade student!. There were several systems running, and I actually ended up with 2 appointments for the first shot — one was 2 weeks ago, and the other was yesterday — different shots, different locations, different appointment systems! I canceled one so that somebody else could use it! How crazy!


        • After all that “there are no vaccines” messaging, this MORNING they called to tell me they were ready for me and I said thank you, but I’ve made arrangements at CVS. One part of the system has no idea what another part is doing. Meanwhile, I feel like my brain is turning into scrambled eggs.


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