Last on the Card February 2021

It turned out that this final card had not only the pictures I took yesterday, but stragglers from pictures I took in Providence in January. So, the last picture on this card dates from the end of last month, but it was definitely the last picture on the card that was in my reader. I didn’t remember there were any stragglers. I thought I had downloaded all of them.

No processing was done on the picture. I made it smaller — computer sized — and signed my name. I don’t know if I have anything new on my other two cameras, but I shall look. Aha! Three photos found. Tis is the last probably from the same series as the other ones of Blue Jays in the snow. That was our last (hopefully really last) snow of the year.

Two Blue Jays in the snow

There’s one more camera I could check, but I think it’s bed time. I should explain that this was an early morning. Garry got up because he thought I’d poked up and wanted him to get up. I got up because he got up. Who poked who? The Duke pokes Garry with one of his pointy feet. Moreover, he got what he wanted: us out of bed and him munching a couple of dog cookies. Smart pooch.

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5 replies

  1. Those Blue Jays look so gorgeous 🙂


  2. A very smart pooch, Marilyn. Two nice photo finds.


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