I wanted to publish this exchange because it’s a good example of why I dislike anti-vaxxers. They have beliefs based on out-of-context data and a lack of scientific and factual testing. Their “opinions” don’t merely endanger them, their family and friends, but everyone who comes near them.

Vaccination at Dartmouth High School – but that was before, when there were vaccines

It’s one thing to distrust big pharma for over-pricing necessary medication or horticulturists who create super fast-growing seeds that make food less tasty and wipes out smaller farms that produced better food in smaller crops. To distrust vaccinations which have saved entire generations from the horrors of smallpox and polio — among other things — is not an alternative view. It’s fear and rumor-mongering. It isn’t based on science or research. It’s fear reaching out.

Yes, you can have a reaction to the shots. Garry is having one today. He isn’t lethally sick, but he doesn’t feel well. We’ve had other friends who have had a reaction, but the reactions are short-lived and beat out an avoidable death or serious illness.  By the way, just so you know, I have this same raging dislike of people who are both anti-abortion AND anti-contraception.

ANTI-VAXXER (Almost) by Anonymous

It isn’t really a hot topic so much as a persistent annoyance that is pounded into our heads by media, seems to make people believe they are the “lucky ones” because they got a vaccination for the virus. I worry about my friends and family that already got the shot, mostly nurses, we shall see what the end results of this will be. Hopefully all good outcomes.

Polio in those golden olden days

I will wait and watch to see what the end result of this will be. I am wary, and waiting. I wish the best to everyone who had gotten it, especially my family and friends. They are mostly nurses and vaccination was pretty much strongly encouraged although they were hesitant to jump in, they ultimately had the 2 shots, with some side effects, some worse than others. Many people are hesitant and fearful, that doesn’t make them democrat, or republican, it just makes them people who are cautious and weighing pros and cons of medication, you know, BIG PHARMA.

FDR in his lifetime battle to help cure polio victims — before vaccination

Many people didn’t trust before this vaccine came along. I read the vaccine alters your genes for example, I read and watched some prominent people in health care field discuss vaccine and those videos were removed from media, as well as my sharing them with others. I worry because, why the cover-up or taking down of alternative views from knowledgeable people?

Original (Salk) Polio vaccine

Some have lost their jobs and licenses due to their views and expressing it publicly. I compare this big push to get us all vaccinated to brain-washing and lining us up then marching us to the unknown. Perhaps I will be banned from saying this. I am concerned and have many questions, we need to hear all views, and clarify the negative as well. I am not saying never, just not right now.


An alternative view is supposed to be a view based on something other than fear, worry, rumor, and out-of-context snippets and well as distorted extractions from larger discussions. A view based on your fear is not an alternative to anything. It’s just fear.

Of course vaccines alter your genes. That’s one of the ways they work. That’s what smallpox, flu, polio, whooping cough, measles and all vaccinations do. I understand that people distrust science because science has been misused commercially, especially agriculturally. However, if it weren’t for medical research, antibiotics, and vaccines, a lot of us would not have reached adulthood.

Pfizer vaccine (used to work at Pfizer — one of my last professional gigs)

I remember as a child, the oncoming of the “polio season” — late spring into summer — and the terror mothers had as it invaded everywhere. Then, one day, there was the Salk vaccine. We all lined up in school to get vaccinated (it was 1952 and I was 5) AND POLIO WENT AWAY. I also remember the arrival of easily available antibiotics and what a difference that made in our lives! It took a while for them to sort out what they were good for and where they didn’t work as well or at all, but regardless, it was a massive improvement for everyone everywhere.

Removing false information is not a coverup. The memes and stuff you were distributing are NOT TRUE.

It has no scientific basis. It is nonsense. I have issues with GMU crops, not because it’s going to turn us into zombies, but because the food doesn’t taste good and rots quickly. It may be making more crops grow faster, but it isn’t making BETTER food. I don’t distrust “big pharma” because they fail to improve our lives. I reject their greed and a price structure that makes essential medication unaffordable for those who need it. I also think they should spend less on researching male erections and more on other stuff, but meds for keeping penises hard makes big money. I hate the greed, not the science.

Moderna vaccine – Photo: Christopher Dolan/The Times-Tribune via AP, File

Vaccines are medical science. Those who reject it based on out-of-context, untested, non-factual and irrational fears are doing themselves and the rest of us a serious disservice. I’m  glad I was able to raise my son and not worry about him getting smallpox, polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, mumps or for that matter, typhoid. He had enough other issues without my worrying that he was going to die of an ancient plague.

This isn’t brainwashing. It’s medicine.

It can keep you from dying of something stupid that you could have otherwise prevent. Anti-vaxxers are what they are. Everyone has a right to doubt, but we also have the intelligence to do enough research to discover what vaccines are supposed to do — as well as why and how they work.

Vaccinations have made modern life healthier for everyone. We have many, many people living longer, healthier lives than they lived “before.” It’s not like a few hundred years ago people lived long, healthy lives. They lives were much shorter and many died before reaching adulthood. A 50-year-old man was considered really old. Living to 60 was amazing. Yes, a few people lived longer, but most people didn’t.

My biggest resentment about people who distrust vaccines and keep trying to spread “their word” is not that they are endangering themselves, children, and friends, but that they are endangering my family, children, and friends. You have the right to object. I have the right to not want you anywhere near me or mine.

You can’t have it both ways.

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  1. I agree with you. Recently, I was very disappointed to have a well-respected friend tell me he won’t be putting that poison in his veins. When I asked why, he referenced 2 books by Judy Minkovotz. I just asked him to please read further and check the studies, but as afraid he’s far down that rabbit hole. What is happening to people’s good sense?


    • I don’t know. It seems like ignorance and stupidity are more contagious than COVID. People who should know better are behaving like idiots, refusing to do even basic research and believing anything they see or read. I really don’t understand any of it.


  2. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, however stupid it may seem. What I think they are not entitled to is putting the rest of us in danger. Maybe it’s one of the many signs that we really care a lot less about each other than we used to. We used to work together to solve problems. Now, everyone is busy doing his or her own thing, no matter what the ultimate price. Maybe our civilization IS collapsing. It often looks like it is.


  3. Solid post. I am so fed up with anti-vaxers too. I’ll be getting mine.


  4. If someone has the vaccine aren’t they safe from people that don’t get the vaccine?


    • Yes and no. COVID isn’t going away. We will need new shots — I don’t know when and I’m not sure how long any of these will last. I’m pretty sure we have at least a year. There will always be children who weren’t vaccinated and some people who for various medical reasons, can’t be. People who haven’t managed to find vaccinations. Garry and I will be vaccinated by the end of this month

      Garry is fully vaccinated. I have one more to go. My son is not because “his number hasn’t come up” yet.

      NO vaccine is 100%. They will keep you from becoming deathly ill and winding up in the hospital (and make it impossible for you to spread it to others) on a ventilator, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get sick. There’s a lot of stuff we don’t know yet but will know soon. We do know that this will keep those of us who are most likely to die of COVID from that death. That’s a lot.


      • I have seen a few people after the first or second shot become very sick. It really scares me……I pray your experience is with out problems!!


        • Garry had three or four days of being pretty miserable. It’s not uncommon, but it isn’t lethal and it’s a lot better than dying of COVID. It’s not going to prevent me from dying, but it takes one item off the table at least.


    • Actually, I should back up a bit and say that we don’t know because there are now so many variants of the disease we don’t know how much immunity was conveyed by whatever version someone had. or how long ago they had it and whether is was very mild or more serious. They simply don’t know.

      What worries me the most about this disease is that it keeps changing. There is a lot that no one knows about the new variants. So far, they believe the vaccines protect against all the variants they know about. But it’s like my pneumonia vaccine. It protects me for 10 years against 13 strains of pneumonia, but there are many more strains and I’ve had a couple of them, even with the vaccine. At least I haven’t gotten it every year and so far, I haven’t gotten the flu since I’ve been getting vaccinated yearly.

      COVID is tricky and treacherous and places where they are opening up right now are probably going to have a major resurgence. Some people apparently don’t care. Some people have DIED while STILL claiming it’s all a hoax — which is bizarre beyond bizarre. This may become one of the shots we need annually as the virus mutates. I’m guessing — and it’s JUST a guess — that this isn’t going to completely disappear. For one thing, we still aren’t taking it seriously enough which pretty much guarantees it won’t go away. Hell, the Bubonic Plague has never gone away. It’s not a virus, so there’s no vaccine for it, but it can be killed by big (very big) doses of antibiotics — assuming the diagnosing doctor recognizes what they are seeing — and that has been around for a couple of thousand years. Maybe longer. This was a plague when the Romans ruled and they think even before that.


  5. No offense but I also have an opinion to share.
    Informed consent is extremely important. Curbing any alternative views, especially of those with impressive medical credentials, is ludicrous. Those making the decision to censor aren’t scientists. That alone is alarming to people seeking info. There are many layers to the ongoing ‘discussions’ (sometimes mania) over the questioning of vaccinations. Good people all, are using their own intellects on the topic and questions are an integral part of the (truth pursuing) ‘scientific method’.
    Vaccinated people are asked to continue wearing masks and practice social distancing. That inspires a “why?” for healthy people who are primarily vaxxing for the good of others. Someone, somewhere, either doesn’t know or doesn’t want us to know the Plan.
    Any thoughtful individual (the large majority of us ) is capable of sorting out falsehoods from facts with ALL the information made available to us. Conclusion making on a topic as fluid as this pandemic isn’t wise, IMHO.
    You lost me with your comparison of the Covid ‘vaccine’ to the Small Pox vaccine. They are not made the same at all. I appreciate the thought you put into this and your willingness to accept questions. 😉
    Anyone wanting MORE information for their own sake can look up America’s Frontline Doctors (if you can find them).


    • I’m not sure why masks are still required for those who are vaccinated. I suspect it’s because anyone who claims to have been vaccinated can then go unmasked and we have seen how well that has worked.

      I don’t think that anyone with real credentials that have something to do with communicable disease and transmission thereof have been silenced. Those who have been told to shut up are people who are depending on third party “pieces” of knowledge from memes and out-of-context comments that belong in a longer piece so that what is said is not what was really said.

      This is not material that can be used without a broader background. A Ph.D. in psychology doesn’t give you any more knowledge of epidemiology than any other person who lacks that SPECIFIC education. I spend five years working in an epidemiological laboratory. I don’t have a degree in it, but I did learn a lot
      about how all of this works. And I’m a born again researcher, so when I don’t know, I do my best to get the information from places where they know what they are talking about AND use actual facts and science.

      I do not understand how ANYONE can be stupid enough to make a life and death decision WITHOUT doing the research. That’s not only bizarre, but it’s downright creepy.

      Vaccines for different diseases are not made the same way. But they all change your genetic makeup. This is a basic function. It’s teaching your body to reject “this” and accept “that.” The flu vaccine is very similar because the flu IS a COVID-type disease. So are common colds. They probably could make a vaccine to prevent colds, but since there are so many of them, we’d need an awful lot of vaccines and then colds would mutate and we’d need dozens more. This is also why the flu vaccine is different each year and they don’t always get it right. All they can do is take their best guess at what they think will be this year’s flu. Sometimes, there’s more than one going around.

      The pneumonia vaccine is another one. It vaccinates you against 13 varieties (the most common ones) of pneumonia, but there are dozens of others. The good news is that instead of getting pneumonia every year, now I have only gotten it once in 10 years — a really huge improvement. AND I haven’t gotten the flu at all.

      This isn’t simple stuff. Medical science is complicated and viruses mutate. So do bacteria, but there ARE no vaccines for bacterial diseases. For that, we have an ever-increasing supply of antibiotics. As they refine the process, some are good for one kind of disease, but not for another one. In the beginning, they just doped you with penicillin for everything until they realized it didn’t work like that.

      They are ALWAYS making new discoveries in communicable diseases. I’ve got a dodgy heart with two implanted valves as well as an inboard pacemaker — and I’ve had cancer twice. I’m trying to survive. You can do as you like, but keep your diseases to your own crowd. Maybe they don’t care. I do.

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      • I appreciate your response. I never claimed whether I would or would not get a vaccine. So the ‘keep your diseases’ snipe wasn’t necessary. That was not the point. The science, as you stated, is very complex. We agree!
        Doing our own research. We agree!
        Compromised people are most in need of this experimental vaccine. We agree!
        Not knowing why masking after vaccinating is necessary? We agree!
        Blaming the dire consequences of a tiny, itsy bitsy, virus (spread by more ways than be counted) on people choosing to guard their own health? We don’t agree.
        Take precautions like you do for other safety concerns and let others decide without label their individual decisions an act of aggression on others. 😉
        You see… we agreed more often than not. Have a nice day and stay safe.


        • Okay. I just think that if YOU get it and YOU spread it, the odds of it somehow slinking its way to my place is surprisingly good. When this ugly mess started almost exactly a year ago, I was still planning to see friends and never in my wildest dreams imagined a year later I’d still be locked in my house wondering if this would ever end. I think, now, with vaccines, it WILL end. I suspect the mask wearing is because there’s no way to prove whether or not someone has actually been vaccinated or not so until they are sure we aren’t going to get another upward bump (please, let’s NOT do that), caution, caution, caution. It IS possible that this will mutate to a LESS serious form of the disease. Today flu is the remnants of the killer flu of 1918. It mutated to be a serious upper respiratory infection, but usually non-lethal. Except some some variations ARE lethal, including COVID-19, SARS, and the other one the name of which I’m forgetting for the moment. Ah the joys of aging. So that flu, one of the gazillion variations on a theme of COVID has gone through frequent variations. I always hope that they got the vaccine right and I won’t be hacking my lungs out later in the season. With one exception, that has proved true. Now, with an unhealed cut in my breastbone from heart surgery, all that coughing sounds even more unappealing than ever before.

          I’m particularly furious about parents who won’t get their kids vaccinated and introduce measles and whooping cough into schools and these diseases for which we were all vaccinated — well, vaccines do wear off. Some quickly, other take half a lifetime, but nothing lasts forever. Whooping cough has been killing older people are a surprisingly large rate — and it was gone until so many people decided not to vaccinate.

          That’s the thing. It’s not a one-to-one thing. One kid and another kid and dad and granddad and someone dies and someone else dies and it didn’t have to be that way. Before vaccines, many of us would have died. I surely would have, probably from strep or pneumonia and if not that, several other things that were prevented by vaccines or cured by antibiotics.

          Medical science is a wonderful thing. I only wish the companies involved would be less greedy and more concerned with survival.

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          • Just one more thought. If we are to do our own research, who is deciding what we’re allowed to investigate? The ‘experts’ or ‘independent fact checkers’ (aka well meaning people without medical training)?
            I have found (through difficult searches buried for unknown reasons) many people with excellent credentials who offer thoughtful, well researched, concerns about healthy young people getting this vaccine. You’ve had enough health problems to realize one doctor’s advice is good, but more are better.
            Not allowing people access freely to information, makes us all nervous. Especially, when we understand there’s enough greed in the pharmaceutical industry to fill a canyon. Big Pharma owns the media and much of Washington, is in bed with Big Tech, and hasn’t shown much compassion for our actual health concerns. To suspect being ‘played’ doesn’t require a conspiracy theory under that umbrella.
            Vaccines are wonders of modern medicine! We agree again.
            I won’t ever back the Covid 19 vaccine for children but all others are important! People who won’t vaccinate for whooping cough etc. ought to be told to home school, IMO.
            I wish you health and well being.


  6. Had both- slight headache from first nothing from 2nd. Thanks for this


  7. Well said. I’ve had my first dose 3 weeks ago. These anti vaxxers drain my very soul.


    • I think many of them really don’t understand HOW vaccines work. Of course they alter your genes. That’s one of the ways they work. I have a particular spite on the mothers who bring unvaccinated kids into schools. Whooping cough, which we had cured, has been killing off elderly people for years — all because of unvaccinated kids getting sick with a disease they need not have gotten. I do remember when I was in school, you could put a kid into school who was NOT vaccinated.


  8. Reblogged this on lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown and commented:
    This rebuttal to an anti-vaxxer by Marilyn Armstrong makes a sound argument.

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  9. Really well done, Marilyn. Well worth the effort.. Thanks for doing this.

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    • I just get so ticked off about it. It takes so little to spread disease, so if you have a choice — even if it isn’t something for which you love the idea, don’t you owe it to the rest of the world to NOT pass it along?/


  10. I can’t access it on your website…. This is on the reader. Why? Did you take it down?


  11. Thank you for devoted so much time and energy to a very important topic. Speaking as a medical librarian, I couldn’t agree with you more. Well done!

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    • Thank you. I’ll probably work on the piece a little more and see if I can add some links for people to check out. These people who reject science and “facts” make me crazy. I just don’t understand how anyone can make life and death decisions without doing basic research. Or, for that matter, think that reading memes on FB is“research.” These days, I don’t understand a lot of things. Life has gotten really strange in so many ways.

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      • Love your piece.
        Despite my adverse reaction to shot #2, I am so happy I’m officially vaccinated.

        Encore thanks for your 24/7 efforts to get me an appointment. I’m lucky to have you in my corner.
        You’ll do, Mrs. Armstrong.


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