FOTD – February 21 –SOLOMON’S SEAL

Solomon’s Seal was a wildflower, but I love it and I took bunches of it from the woods and planted them along the other side of my driveway. They still grow wild, but I have moved them from deep shade to partial sun and there are many more of them now. Still growing along the edge of the woods, but where I can easily see them. When they bloom, I know spring is definitely in the air.

Solomon’s Seal is edible and can be ground into a meal and cooked. Variations of it grow on every continent except Australia and New Zealand and they look very similar to one another. I hope they bring the spring in other countries too.

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  1. Well that may explain why it never grows for me. lol


    • It just needs a bit of sun. Not much. Half shade, then it takes care of itself. Wildflowers are very hardy. Actually, Solomon’s Seal is EXTREMELY hardy. It will grow in deep shade, but given some brighter light, it will fill up as much area as it has available. We planted it on a small hillside from the woods to the driveway. From two or three plants, there are now hundreds of them. The come up out of the ground really fast, too. I know they sell them online — rhizomes rather than bulbs. The skunks aren’t interested in them nor are the deer. I haven’t tried eating them. I did try eating my dandelions when they were young, but it wasn’t a very successful experiment. They were very bitter. I think you’d have to either harvest them before they flower — when they first poke out of the earth — of maybe they need to be cooked in something. I know they brew into a nice wine, but I’m not a winemaker or for that matter, a wine drinker, but I know that in the 1800s and 1900s dandelion wine was considered a treat.


  2. Great News Marilyn, I was looking for Solomon’s seal, and you delivered it, as the copy says, it’s life giving food,same as Solomon, cheers, give the birds an extra bag today, they will be putting in long days building nests, hahaha


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