Of course, whether you want to snack with the Downy Woodpecker might depend on how much you like meal worms mixed with beef suit and sunflower seeds for dinner. If that’s not your idea of a tasty treat, maybe you should just watch and not join in. It’s all a matter of personal taste. Meal worms are definitely not a favorite treat for me, but I really like the crunchy little balls that taste sort of like cheddar cheese, but without the beef suet, meal worms, or sunflower seeds.

I’m ALMOST 100% sure this is a downy woodpecker and not a baby Hairy Woodpecker, but they do look very much alike. Except the Hairy is much bigger and has a much more powerful beak.

The crows found us this morning. It was just a matter of time until they discovered we know have meal worms and a lot of suet. We had a couple of them the other morning, but this morning, we had a dozen  or maybe more. The Blue Jays, who are actually bigger than these crows, were hanging around trying to decide if they were ready to break through the murder of crows. That was when I really got to see how FAT our Blue Jays have gotten. I didn’t think you could have a fat Blue Jay. We must really set a fine table.

The crows didn’t stay very long — maybe half an hour, during which time I failed to pick up my camera because it was early and i really wanted my coffee more than anything, including pictures of crows. The crows came, ate an entire 2-lb. suet pack and anything laying around the deck, and moved on. I have a funny feeling they will be back as soon as they realize I put out a fresh suet and bug pack.

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  1. I’ve stocked the mealworms at work many times. The bag just makes my mouth water….

    I’m kidding, actually. But it always unnerved me how hungry I’d get when I stocked the pet food. Maybe there’s a reason cats and dogs love that good stuff so much….


    • The squirrels are also really fond of the meal worm and seed suet. They actually stole a whole big chunk of it out of the feeder the other day, but they didn’t figure out how to get it from the deck to the trees, so they left it. I put it back in the feeder. It isn’t just bird food. It’s “critter food.” For bigger birds (crows, jays) as well as chipmunks and squirrels. It took them awhile to discover it, but since they did — about a week ago — they’ve been chugging it down.

      I just have a minor issue with worms, so until we run out of human food, I think I’ll stick with that 🙂


  2. Beautiful birds! I’ll just watch and admire. I love your pictures.


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