Any two of a kind are a pair.

So many pairs. Boots and shoes. Slippers and sandals. Birds and cows and  horses. We are mated in pairs for a season or for a lifetime. Doubled up, we can feel safe with another to lean on. Do the birds feel that way too? Do swans and doves have wedding ceremonies?

House Finches


Two chubby Doves — married for life Yes, monogamous!

Two times a goat?

A pair a bovine butts

Back when we had two Scottish Terriers

Devoted couple of Swans

Cee's Black-White

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  1. hi! Lots of nice pictures! And loads of birds! Love the birds! Xx


  2. Wonderful twos you have captured 🙂


  3. Wonderful choices for the pair challenge.


  4. Marilyn, these are absolutely marvelous photos for this week 😀 😀


    • Thanks Cee. I think all of them are favorites. I had to be careful to not make it all about shoes and boots! I’m always a bit uncomfortable posting pictures of our Scotties, but I’m learning to understand that they are memories and it isn’t bad to remember. But it does hurt.

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  5. That first photo is especially striking. This is an occasion when I tell myself, “I wish I had taken that!”


    • Pictures like that are two things: a good lens and luck! You just have to be there with the camera when the moment happens and already BE shooting when it occurs. You can’t plan those shots, but if you have a good lens and are patient, eventually, one of them will happen for you. But to be fair, that was THE best photograph of that type I’ve ever lucked into. Right place, right lens, right camera, great birds, and perfect lighting. I actually printed it and put it on the wall — the first hanging in more than 10 years.

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  6. Beautiful choices as ever, Marilyn!


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