It was March 1st, the first day of meteorological spring and this squirrel showed up for an early breakfast. He has since showed up for a late dinner, a second early breakfast which was followed by staying in the feeder basically all day while the birds ignored him and went about eating everything that the squirrel wasn’t sitting on. These small red squirrels are just the perfect size to sit in the middle of one of the hanging flat feeders and just keep eating until presumably their jaws wear out and they need to go home and rest until beginning a new round of consumption the following day.

Sniffing out the goodies

Anything good in this feeder?

Bridge over trouble waters? No? But nothing special in that feeder, either

I think I found the Good Stuff!

Better than acorns

Is that the sun setting? Time to head on home. I have to rest up for tomorrow’s day of feeding!


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4 replies

  1. Love your little furry friends!


    • These smaller red ones are even cuter than their big gray brothers. They curl their tails more and are friendlier to people. They don’t run away but are more inclined to watch unless you seem threatening. A couple of them have amazing fur coats, some all tipped in white.


  2. An acrobat! Of course, he needs to keep up his strength! Marilyn, that last photo is like a portrait–beautiful. They way they hold their little paws to eat is so cute.


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