They aren’t all here yet, but they are on the way. We have the Bluebirds and most of the Juncos have moved on. Not all. There are a few left, but they are migrating north, a few at a time. Some may linger because they like the food. It’s one of the things about feeding them. If they like the food, they may hang around. This may be a good thing, but maybe not. Sometimes, they need to travel to wherever they breed and if they hang around, they won’t breed, though I have noticed that we seem to have a lot of baby birds around here, so there’s a whole lot of breeding going on. I wonder where the nests are?

The brightest Cardinal of this spring.

Pair of Bluebirds

Chickadee, dee, dee …

Cardinal on a rail

Purple ? Finch

Another Chickadee, dee, dee …

Hungry Blue Jay

Hairy Woodpecker

Pair of Bluebirds


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  1. These are fantastic pictures. Award winning.


    • Some days they come out better than others. A lot of success is quality of light. All the birds were hopping around the feeders this morning, but the sun was right in my face. I didn’t bother to try. I know when the sun is that bright, the pictures will be hard to process. I get much better pictures when the sun has moved overhead or to the western side of the house. Usually that’s noon or a bit later, depending on the season. So in about an hour, it’ll be the right time. Those sharp shadows make it impossible to see the birds’ real colors.

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  2. Bluebirds are really cute😊


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