A Photo a Week Challenge: Take a New Photo

So for reasons that I will later explore in slightly more detail, Garry wanted me to take his picture so he could look like a cook. This is interesting as Garry doesn’t cook. I don’t mean he doesn’t cook much. I mean he doesn’t cook. At all. He eats and has an insatiable yearning for sashimi and other Japanese food. He likes almost any type of food and once talked me into trying snails. Yuck.

Garry Armstrong, Yiddish cook

He is a slow but steady eater. I will finish eating long before he does, but he will still be eating when I’ve washed the dishes and cleaned the stove. He can eat more sashimi than you could possible imagine. All that being said, why did he want a portrait of himself with my Yiddish cookbook wearing his hot pepper apron? Good questions.

He figured everyone knows he doesn’t cook, has never cooked, and might starve rather than try cooking, so it would be funny — if you know him. But you don’t know him, so I need to provide more explanation. Considering his love of food, I’m sure he could cook but that’s my job. Before me, it was the job of every restaurant in the area which offered take-out.

Pictures just can’t be much newer than this. If I didn’t know better, I might actually think he could cook because he is holding that spatula with real authority. He is very good at getting the tops off of jars, though. He also makes an exceptional Virgin Mary. It’s so good, it’s almost a meal by itself.

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  1. I love to cook/bake and husband enjoys it all, but do men eat naturally slower than women? I am finished way before my husband, too. Am I eating too fast? I don’t think I am, but why am I always done before him?


    • I think Garry had to teach himself to eat slower. I’m pretty sure it’s better for ones digestion and in theory, chewing is part of the digestive process so all that grinding changes the food before it moved down. I don’t eat as fast as I did when I was younger and I certainly eat a lot less, but most of my grinding teeth were lost to infections or breakage. I’d need to get false teeth to eat faster these days.

      Money. Bah humbug!


  2. I love this photo and explanation!


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