FOTD – March 9 – Magnolias

Apple blossoms and magnolia flowers are the two unmistakable signs that spring has really come. Usually, there are a lot of these beautiful flowers in full bloom by the middle of April. This year, the ice has very slow to melt. Warm day, but icy nights. Everything is deep in mud. Big lumps of ice make my sidewalk dangerous for anyone. Meanwhile, in the garden where snow came in October last year, the garden never got its final clean out. Not only are there no crocuses, I don’t even see any weeds. Just ice, mud, and piles of oak leaves.

Nonetheless, our weather is lovely today. I was able to walk up to the mailboxes (that’s a longer hike than you might think) in just a tee shirt and denim jacket. The hard part was getting across my wet, muddy, slippery front sidewalk. Considering it’s probably well into the 60s outside, I have trouble believing the ice hasn’t disappeared yet. I have icky muddy puddles on my front walk. So bring on the magnolias! Bring forth the lilacs and apple blossoms.

Let’s have a real spring. I have rarely needed it more than I do right now.

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  1. We’ve not been that warm. Enjoy your spring 😀

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    • It has been lovely, here, but there are no flowers. Owen says he’s sure the skunks (he gets up very early and catches them in the act) ate the last of our bulbs. Skunks love about flower bulbs and no one wants to mess with them. Garry brought me a pot full of absolute gorgeous tulips (it’s my birthday tomorrow) which can be planted, but maybe I’ll get window boxes that the skunks can’t reach.

      Living by the woods has a few hazards, among them deer, skunk, chipmunks, and woodchucks, all of whom eat bulbs.

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  2. Very good photos taken, Marilyn.🌹😁


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