It turned out to be a big day, news-wise but then again, what day in the last year hasn’t been big news? 

Today is the one year anniversary of the beginning of the COVID lockdown. I could hardly forget it because we got home from my birthday dinner and discovered we were in lockdown. I was in the middle of making plans to visit a friend in New York and after that, we didn’t talk about it any more. Maybe now we can talk again. It’s a bit weird because sometime during the year that has lasted a lot longer than a year, I’ve forgotten how to make plans. I even forgotten how to think about making plans.

Bialystocken Pletzels, aka Bialys

Today is also the day that Biden’s stimulus bill passed in Congress and how badly we need that money, I cannot even begin to say. Today is also the first time I baked bialys. They will be better next time, but they weren’t bad today. For those of you who don’t know, bialys (the name comes from Bialystocken in Poland) have been described as bagels lacking their rigor mortis and with many onions. The dough is the same as bagels, but these onion rolls are baked, not boiled then baked. There are a lot of names for them. Jewish onion rolls works too. Best hot and toasted with or without butter.


Garry bought me a stuffed birthday Snoopy, a lovely card and fabulous scarlet tulips in a pot for planting outside. Owen got me another card, another bouquet of flowers and helped me bake the bialys.

In other local news, the flying squirrels have come back. Although I have not seen them, our feeders are completely empty by dawn, eaten down to the last seed.
The birds or squirrels don’t eat at night. Even after all of them have been eating all day, they don’t get anywhere near fully devouring two 3-pound feeders. Only the flying squirrels can do that. We are going to have to take the feeders down from their hooks at night. Since the flyers don’t flap, but glide, they won’t be able to eat comfortably on the deck. I’m hoping we aren’t being invaded by raccoons, too because then we’ll have to bring the feeders inside.

I love the flying squirrels. They are adorable peaceful flying creatures and I want to just hug them, but I can’t afford 35 pounds of seeds a week. I apologize, lovely furry gliders. Maybe I’ll leave the feeders up once a week so you can have at least one good feed. Does Saturday night sound okay with you?

Owen’s flowers gently faded

Why am I apologizing to squirrels? Do you know I apologize to the birds for disturbing their meal when I have to go outside and fill the feeders? And the chickadees fly around me practically tapping their tiny little feet because I’m so clumsy getting the feeders back on their hooks? Sad, but true. This is the first time I’ve had to admit that I simply can’t feed everything all the time. I am glad to know that the flyers are still living in our woods and they are very hungry.

Garry’s tulips again

I am taking the rest of the day off. I shall sleep, do nothing important (except make chicken soup and matzoh balls) (kneidlach for my kinsman) and be astonished that I’m still alive and limping around.

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  1. Happy Birthday Marilyn.πŸŽ‚πŸŒΉπŸ‡πŸ˜


  2. Happy birthday. When you mentioned Bialystock I thought of Zero Mostel’s name from The Producers, Max Bialystock. Now I understand where they got it.
    I would not worry about the flying squirrel. Rocky is very resourceful and his dimwitted friend is very lucky.

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  3. Marilyn: I hope you are a having a great day! You are a youngster at 74! Fondly, Ed

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  4. Happy Birthday dear Marilyn, and many more. The flowers are lovely.

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  5. Happy Birthday Marilyn πŸ˜€

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  6. Happy Birthday Marilyn and my it be a good one. We golden oldies get younger every year.

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  7. Happy birthday!

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  8. Happy Birthday, Marilyn! Garry did very well with the tulips–they are gorgeous!

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  9. Happy Birthday Marilyn! I remember when you turned 70! Time is flying and I hope this year brings better things. What beautiful things you received on your day though.

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  10. sounds like a pretty good Birthday to me – wishing you a very happy day xx

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  11. Happy birthday my friend. Wishing you many lovely, happy, and mostly pain free days in your new year of life.

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  12. Happy birthday Marilyn πŸ’—

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