It must be spring because the babies are here. Little tiny finches and miniature Nuthatches. I haven’t seen any baby Blue Jays, but I’m sure I will. I know the Cardinals have babies later in the season because I have a lot of pictures of baby Cardinals from late summer and early autumn. Goldfinches have a ways to go because they haven’t even developed their mating colors yet. But we sure do have the cutest baby squirrels you’ve ever seen. You can’t see how little they are because there’s nothing to compare them to, but they are about 1/3 the size of the full-size ones. His tail isn’t even fully developed.

Baby squirrel on the other sign of the fence

Baby came onto the deck

And he finds his way to the best feeder of them all

I’m trying not to be prejudiced, but this is the cutest critter I’ve hosted yet. Although the tiny chipmunk that showed up earlier was pretty adorable too. Pity I didn’t get his picture. He fled before I got my camera ready.

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  1. You know you are doing a good job when the squirrels bring their kids to visit. He is adorable, Marilyn.

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  2. You’ve got the photos of the baby squirrel. It’s so cute, Marilyn.

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